When can we expect new vehicles

Wondering whether they’ll ever get Audi e tron GT/Porsche Taycan or something more exciting. Any ideas what vehicles on.to might be adding in the future?


You will hear nothing from Onto until the deals are done and Onto already have the cars secured and are ready to take orders.

Right now with the chip shortages, covid, high demand and short supply I don’t think you should really be expecting much more to be added this year. Especially since we have seen so much already.

Unfortunately for you it’s just going to be a case of sitting and waiting to see what else may be introduced in future. Nobody knows what’s to come. Remember of course with Onto you can swap cars at any time for £49.50. So if you haven’t already chosen a car in the meantime don’t be afraid to do so. Remember you won’t be stuck with it thanks to the flexibility.


Yeah I’m aware, and I’m getting a Q4 e tron delivered soon. I wasn’t interested in hard facts, just speculation about what cars might be coming next.

Oh and I do agree, they’ve added quite a few!

I’d love an Audi e tron GT/Porsche Taycan

I was expecting the ID4 to fill that 600-800 gap, so will be interesting to see what eventually does

i really dont think the commercials would work out for a taycan or etron gt ,especially from the insurance perspective,maybe they will be offered on the business tarriff as they can order cars individually but the price would be prohibitive i would think for general public

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They had said that there was one more car to be added this year and they then added the ID4 so I don’t think that anything else will be added for at least 3 months!

I’m afraid that I can’t help, as the two that I knew about have now both been added.

It won’t be the following though:

Fiat 500e
Honda e
Mazda MX-30
Mini Electric
MG ZS or 5

And anything else that has a WLTP range of less than 200.


What would be more exciting than those two?

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Rimac Nevera …. Supercar


Wouldnt it be nice to have the Ford Mac E


I wonder if ONTO (or their insurers) have established an upper limit on what they will pay for a particular vehicle, and/or the maximum monthly subscription they think a reasonable number of people would be prepared to pay?


Haha my bad, I meant something exciting like those. Being able to swap an etron GT RS for even 1-2 months would be insane.

Rimac Nevera …. Supercar

Hahahah that would DEFINITELY put on.to in the news


I think a price of £999, 999 a month would be about right with a £50K excess lol


if you want to drive supercars theres a few supercar subscription clubs around :slight_smile:

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Personally if I was onto I would underwrite my own insurance and keep excess as it is. We did this at sky tv with our fleet saved millions

That’s such a good point. With enough cars, not paying the fat cut of the insurance companies makes so much sense! Considering Onto’s latest round of funding, I think that might start making sense soon for them, and hopefully will result in a better price for us, too. Would love to invest in Onto if they ever go public.

Onto could only self-insurer the ‘own-damage’ element - effectively making the insurance 3rd party only- as they’re not an insurance company with appropriate reserves. The major cost of insurance is not the liability for repairs to the insured vehicle but the consequence of an accident on 3rd parties. Fleet insurance for hire companies is a very limited market that many large insurers avoid with a poor reputation for risk and profitability.

I agree

Most big companies, have a write off limit, rather than self-insure, and they then use Re-Insurance to cover the write off limit…

Also OntO would have to go down the entire FCA route to be an insurer

Here’s a suggestion……. :clown_face:……


shame, quite fancy an MG 5 for just under Zoe money… (They went down to £21.5k new, so even the new model should be more financially attractive than a Zoe at nr. £30k)

£345 would do nicely :slight_smile:

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