What's your favourite (relaxing) charging locations?

During lockdown I was quite fond of a steady walk around the Kings Mill Reservoir near Mansfield to get away from it all, it’s a nice 20 minute steady walk around, perfect while charging up… I believe it was the i3 at the time :flushed:

Anyways, I was back in the Mansfield area and decided to have a little wander around, the charger was covered in cobwebs and looked like it hadn’t been used for a while.

Its only a 50kW unit, but perfect for a steady walk while charging. Parking is also free for an hour if you get a ticket from the machine.

I’d say this is probably my favourite, practical stop off if I’m passing.

I may be biased, but Rother Valley Park is probably my favourite, but it’s on my doorstep and only has AC charging, so I can’t really call it my favourite charging location.


Oooo - that’s a corker. I can see overstay charges happening to me if chargers locally were close to that.

Have you ever been to Slough?

And I’ve spent too much time in McD car parks and shopping centres.

Shell Fulham gets an honourable mention for being a nice site, but Gridserve E-Forecourt Essex is one of the best - and I don’t tend to go to M’Way services, but the M5 Southbound at the Farm Shop Services near Gloucester (also Gridserve) is a fine place for what it is!

Embarking on a Road Trip north to Yorkshire and west to Cumbria over next ten days - looking forward to something a bit more pictureskew than the Home Counties…… will report back :blue_car::zap:

Why would you…unless you just got a job in Mars!

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I’d be interested to know your thoughts on Cumbria as I’m taking Mrs Janso up to see family in a few weeks.

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I travelled down to the South West and stopped in a small village with a single BP Pulse charger that had a nice stream running beside it. Was very random has only a dozen houses nearby and a village shop.

My regular chargers are not very excited. One is in Buckmore Park go-karting circuit which is better than motorway services etc but it’s not exactly a scenic location.

Yup - promise to give an update! :+1:

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Never been anywhere truly exciting, so I’d have to say Banbury Instavolt :laughing:

Still, it’s pretty chill right now, windows down, 80’s best hits playlist, and a mango & passionfruit ice cooler from Costa. I’m easily pleased!


Go to the Ospreys at Banbury then - you know you like the little alien-looking cute Kempower creatures much more! :alien::laughing:

I thought I had it good! Love that pic!


My local porsche headquarters as never anyone there and I can dream looking at all the porsches

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which Porsche centre is that




To name just three… :grinning::clown_face:

we had a lovely stop in Newark at the weekend - the council office have charging points and the bays were all empty! Lovely stroll by the canal too


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I don’t go there often but the best place so far is Colwyn Bay in Wales. I’ve not got a picture but you can have a streetview instead (of the charger getting ICE’d :frowning_face: )

Coffee shop right next to it as well, fairly decent.


My old hometown… Did you know that Newark is a rather interesting anagram? :laughing: