What's your cars best feature and why

I have so, far had a, zoe gt line and 208 gt line and I’m going back to a zoe today.
What do you love about your EV and why?
I prefer zoe because of its practicality and suprisingly spacious interior

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You on walking on thin ice by posting that comment on this forum! I’m looking forward to the replies!


Weirdly, I find I had more space in our previous (ice) fiat 500. The seats in the Zoe don’t fold flat, so we can’t get as much in!

In terms of the best feature, although I know most cars have this these day, I would say for me it is Android Auto! I love google maps on a proper screen, and I really don’t miss the days of old when my phone would fall off the windscreen as we went over a bump!

I do also like the versatility of AC charging speeds on the ZE40, although Zoe can be picky (separate thread to be had right there!), it is good that you can get the most out of 22kw chargers. That being said, I am sure I would love CCS charging even more if I upgrade!

How dare you prefer the Zoe :joy::joy::joy:

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Zoe for me also. Four reasons. 1. Range 2. Range
3. Range 4. Range.


Lol I like the zoe, I love the zoe, I live the zoe :joy::joy::joy::joy:

208 is like Body like bay watch but the range is like something from crime watch lol

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Forgot item 5. Affordable cost/month (for a poor pensioner anyway)

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No no I wont criticise the Zoe no, but it is a subject that never stops giving.

The Tesla model 3 for just how well integrated it is. It is the only car where the software and app aren’t tacked on afterwards. The best single feature is the supercharger network.

The BMW I3 I really love, there is no part of it better than the Tesla but it’s just a jolly pleasant car to drive. Its one advantage over the Tesla is that it fits better on narrow lanes (and it’s cheaper).


Might be opening a can o worms here, but is that still AS relevant? Aren’t there now as many non-telsa rapid chargers around?

There are still no shell or pulse accessible chargers on the M4 between London and Bristol, or for that matter between Bristol and Dover. Superchargers come in sets of 6, 8 or 12 whilst most of the others are one or two stalls and so are often blocked or faulty. With superchargers I can stop on the motorway service areas with shops and toilets whilst for most of the others I have to leave the motorway and sit in some deserted car park.

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And I should also add that due to the way the software is integrated into the Tesla when i put in a destination the car calculates which chargers to use on the route and even tells me how long to stay plugged in and also has a single button on the nav to take me to the nearest charger when not navigating a route. And it tells me how much charge or range I will have left at the destination and it tells me what the charging rate is when plugged in. All these are little thing that are simple to do but most of the other manufacturers haven’t bothered to implement.

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Tesla have and continue to build the best charging network worldwide for sure. It will be a long time before the others catch up, which for many is the key reason for getting a Tesla vehicle. Tesla is the role model for all others and it’s very Apple-esque it’s implementation which means it’s a doddle to use, unlike many of the other charging network infrastructures.

Recently Tesla opened 12 new stalls in Banbury (on a retail park next to Pizza Hut), whereas Instavolt opened 6 new stalls a short distance away next to a Costa Coffee and Premier Inn. Numbers are growing rapidly, but Tesla constantly build more than any others.
Tesla have even implemented the largest site in the world. A mere 72 chargers at a site in Shanghai… https://electrek.co/2020/12/31/tesla-opens-new-world-largest-supercharger-station/

Tesla have some 20,000 installations and growing… https://electrek.co/2021/01/05/tesla-unveils-map-upcoming-supercharger-stations-updates-timelines/

However, many people never or very rarely use the open highway for charging and just charge at home, the workplace or when shopping (usually for free).

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Your last point is exactly why I changed to the I3, my daily use doesn’t need open highway chargers and due to travel restrictions the the family diesel barge is only half way through its third tank of fuel since last March.

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