WhatCar’s Reader Award 2021

Hi all,

Did you know that we’re currently sponsoring WhatCar’s Reader Award for Electric Car of the Year? Not only that, but they’re giving you the chance to vote for your most anticipated upcoming electric cars! The group stages are still underway, but there are votes to be cast every day until the final showdown on Sunday. Which one do you think should be the winner?

UPDATE: The winners have been announced, check out the comment below for a link to their page!

Did you expect certain cars to win? Were there some picks that totally surprised you? Or did some of you EV aficionados guess them all right anyway? Let us know!


I was going to vote for the Ioniq 5 but it’s already been knocked out by the EV6!

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WhatCar? have just announced their list of Best Electric and Hybrid Cars of 2021! With all the great models on show, it really is a fantastic time to be a part of the EV evolution.

Check out all the winners here


With all this press you’ll have no cars left by the time I put my booking in!

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That’s what I was thinking as well…


I think they are only going to get bigger and bigger this year, I am glad I at least got the ID.3 before it was too late! lol


I wish I had placed my order earlier 7 weeks and counting till my Ioniq arrives :frowning: