What The Shell 🤷‍♂️🙄☹️

Good people of Onto Community… god, are we lucky we don’t have to rely on just one CPO!!

Rocked up to a two-stall location which had been showing as “Available” on their own app. Found an engineer working away, both units out of action. Got talking; as you do :man_shrugging:


(He wasn’t Shell per se, but one of several different contractors trying to do their job….and he was in an ID3, and I was able to direct him to RAW! :joy:)

Units (only one year old) having hardware issues - cannot get parts: a) chip shortage and b) sitting in customs from Europe even if parts available

Back office software just changed over part of their system. Every party to this is blaming everyone else, but units regularly suffering outages, through contactless, RFID …. and even app failing to start.

Nope - raised many, many times that centrally there’s no system that allows the flagging of failed units (these had been out a week and it was ONLY BECAUSE HE WAS PASSING that anyone knew of the original hardware failure… and ‘though he luckily happened to have part he then discovered software issues which even he was tearing his hair out with because no one will take responsibility…

I suppose this is all just a bit of a rant, but it was no big deal for me to drive off and find a BP (that’s actually, currently working)….

…and basically just give some info, from the horse’s mouth, to you lovely lot out there.

ABC - always be charging. And have a plan B, and preferably a plan C if you were thinking of Shelling it… :zap:


Very interesting. Even when operators have a facility for logging failures, it seems that it often doesn’t get used - maybe it’s not highly publicised enough?

I rocked up at an Instavolt last weekend and found the contactless reader inoperative - I checked ZapMap and found several other people had experienced the same and added comments to that effect. I reported it using the InstaVolt app and they confirmed they were unaware of the issue and would send somebody to rectify it!

I wonder how many people moan that machines are faulty, but never actually report them to the CPO?


Yes, we really need to help ourselves here.

(I mean, I know you and I do… I mean the wider EV community!)


Shell Windsor?