What’s the best family car in onto

I got delivered the Vauxhall corsa (first with onto)and the experience been good so far .
The car looks nice and so far looks economical can’t complain much yet just wait for winter to start :joy:
Inside just a tipical corsa look , not the best seats very hard and uncomfortable to be honest and not enough space on the back for the kids and small boot .
Onto doesn’t have much choice of cars yet would be great if they bring the Mg5 .
What’s the best family car onto has ?

Hyundai Ioniq is a bigger and more efficient car.
Citroen C4 is similar size to the Ioniq but is more or less the same car underneath as the Corsa, if you prefer to have something familiar.

If you need bigger again you will be jumping up in price for things like the ID.4 or a Tesla.

It’s a real shame that Onto don’t have the LEAF Anymore. That was a very affordable offering for a large and spacious EV. I would have been suggesting that otherwise.


Hmm - all quite subjective…. “Best”…?

Amongst some contenders:

Hyundai Kona - an awful lot of car for the money, you might find it difficult to get hold of one. Not “huge” though - rear seats a bit cramped.

VW ID.4 - a bit more expensive but quite a large car. Haven’t driven an ID.4 yet, but the ID.3 is quite spacious inside, the larger car should be capable of swallowing medium to large sized families and a bit of kit/luggage/junk too. Not perfect, but a very good car for driving experience and for having most of the toys (for example compared to Audis which are much more money but a bit stark on features).

The Stellantis Rash (Pug 2008, Citroën ë-C4 and Vaux Mokky) - these aren’t too huge, are going to be a little frustrating on winter road trips (range isn’t exciting but they do, at least, rapid charge quite well) but give you choice of “a bit” sporty, or super-duper magic-carpet-ride or a good all-rounder. Rear seat and footwell a bit cramped, boot space…meh… driving experience is pretty good… high level of “Zen” achievable… and I can get my wife to sleep in the Mokky…. I can’t tell you what a bonus this can be… :man_shrugging:t2::joy: ….oops… did I say that out loud?

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:joy::joy::joy:thanks a lot for your answer . Definitely few options to think about

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Hi Koda
Thanks a lot for your answer .
Ionic it’s the one I wanted first but was never available. Kona always have good reviews so probably will be the one I think I would go for . Can’t afford a Tesla otherwise would have been my choice . Hopefully onto will bring more cars soon

The Kona is honestly not much bigger than the Corsa. It looks like a big SUV in pictures online. But if you see one in person you’ll see that this isn’t the case. The trunk is super small, and the rear is fairly cramped.

Don’t get me wrong. The Kona is an absolutely fantastic car, but it’s certainly not a large car. The Ioniq is substantially larger.

Keep checking regularly and act fast to swap to an Ioniq. They are very popular but they do come up every now and then.


As above its best to check out the cars in person as pictures can deceive.

This is a good site to do some basic size comparisons…


Thanks for the information

Have a look at my channel I have reviewed pretty much every onto car , the channel is mrhonestev hers my latest video


I will have a look thanks s lot

Always worth comparing these cars with the Zoe. The Zoe beats the Kona on many size metrics, and has a bigger boot than most.


I’ve had a few cars and it does depend on your family needs… bikes, push chairs, number of kids etc.

The Zoe was a good car but felt cheap, but I guess it is when you look at the prices. It is a lot of car for the money though if you can get past the shape.

The E208 and E2008 have poor rear seat room, as does the Kona. All have poor boot space with the Zoe probably beating all of them (I’m sure somebody will have the figures).

The ID3 was the best out of all, but you are paying for it (if you can find one).

Then you are up to the ID4 which is not value for money.

You can get a Hybrid Tuscon from Hyundai on a 3 month lease for way less. (but pay for fuel).

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for all the information.
Need to set a budget and see what I can get for that money . Onto it’s just the start to see how the EV works might stay with them might not depending the cars that they will bring and the burger .
Thanks for all your information really useful


You can’t even get a Hyundai kona or a Ioniqe anymore I’d love to try the Kona

I would say out of the 13 cars I have had i would still say best all.round car is the kona


The Ioniq was discontinued some months ago by Hyundai so there will be no more of them added and it’s just whatever is in the fleet being circulated as other subscribers return them. But the Kona is still very much in production, and Onto haven’t announced anything to suggest they will be removed yet. The Kona will be an Ultimate trim though, not a Premium SE.

Keep checking regularly and act immediately when you see one. The Kona does come up every now and then.

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Yeah it’s a shame they discontinued but it’s based on an older model no wonder Hyundai wants to stop it . Yeah I saw the kona few times when I was not a subscriber. Will keep an eye

I would agree. the Kona was a great car for the money.

If they could just stretch the back for more boot and back seat space it would be a Tesla beater.

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