What other cars do you own!

So we all have an EV or looking to get one but what other cars do you own or lease.
I have a BMW 225XE M SPORT plug in hybrid, a classic vw beetle and of course the Renault zoe gt line.

I thought you said you had 8 vehicles in your fleet. What are the other 5 then?

The 8 is my work fleet that I control they are commercial vehicles

I did have Jaguar XE, XF, A class and Astra but just finally took the plunge and sold them all. They were sat around doing nothing and happy with the EV sooo here we are haha. Also got my babies at work so all good haha.


The I3 for commuting, a Kia Sedona as family transport, or at least it was in the old days when we were allowed to travel. The grand plan is to replace this with a Model Y. I have a Citigo 1.0 which my son uses and until a couple of months ago I owned a TVR Cerbera

Good old Landie which I assume will still be driven about by cockroaches and run on any old sludge long after humans are all gone! I have been fortunate enough have tried all sorts but next week the onto i3 will be my first EV for any time longer than a day!


Mines booked in for 8th Feb I’ve waited a, few months on my second zoe gt line now and I’ve had a 208 super excited to get an i3

A rusting Toyota Avensis 2005 which I can jump start but it won’t hold charge… Despite having a new 12V battery in October. In fact I just handed back my e208 so I suppose this is the only car I own.