What does 'Feature' button in app do?

The Onto app has five buttons along the bottom. The fourth one is ‘Feature’. What does it do?

I pressed it, expecting to be taken to another page, but after some time whirring I got a pop-up saying something to the effect that the feature has been activated. I have no idea what feature has been activated?

Depending on what car you have, you may have started preconditioning, flashed the headlights, or unlocked the trunk, or frunk of your vehicle.

Unfortunately not all of the cars are configured in the same way, so you simply have to experiment to find out what it did for you.


Do you know if does anything for the ioniq?

I haven’t had an Onto Ioniq, so it’s hard for me to confirm either way. What I can say is that it generally (but not always) follows one of the functions that can also be found on the key fob.

With a Hyundai key, that likely means remote start for preconditioning, or trunk unlock.

It almost certainly does something, it’s just a case of playing around with it and investigating to actually find out what happened.