What about the new terms to renew every month

The only reason you would leave the legacy tariff is if you handed back the vehicle you had when the new tariff was introduced,

It was guaranteed to subscribers that they would not be forced onto the new tariff, but on the condition that they kept the same vehicle.


What happens with the built-up under-mileage that we were going to be able to use post-lockdown?

This is now called Mileage Credit. Accrued mileage builds up as credit, and can be added to following months included mileage. This is discretionary, and only applies if you don’t change to another vehicle in a higher tier.

It was the ‘discretionary’ part that concerned me. In recent weeks our T&Cs seem have become pretty liquid with promises made and then changed in subsequent communications.

Also, with the imminent delivery of the Zoe 50s, it sounds like all of the lockdown mileage that we’ve built-up in Zoe 40s won’t be carried forwards although we were previously promised it would.

What makes you believe that?

Hi all!

@Marcel, sorry to hear you are not happy with the changes. You will have to renew the contract each month, but this gives you greater flexibility and it will be easily done through the app, it won’t take longer than a minute! If you decide not to renew, we will be in touch with you, we won’t just take the car without your knowledge. And if you do renew, you are welcome to keep the same car, no need to join the waiting list.

@Pinky_Ponk you will get the notification on the app 14 days before to give you time to decide or in case you are on a trip, etc. However, your payment date is not changing, and the pre-auth will still happen 7 days before the end of your monthly subscription if you have decided to take on another month.

@chamelion and @ward3n, that is correct, we will still honour legacy prices and your monthly subscription price is not going to change. Unused mileage will not be lost, and we will be communicating how this will work in September!

Taking a look at all your questions I’ve created an FAQ post, please take a look and let me know if you have any additional ones :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Lily and others. Thanks.
Exactly as I feared something has gone wrong. There is simply no way I can sign the next month. The App on the phone does not allow you to sign for the next month. As soon as you click on Sign it greys out and next is not clickable. I have also no way on signing for another months on the website.
My apprehensions were fully justified.
So what am I to do now?
I am stuck now and not have a car after the 28th if this month.

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@Marcel Just call ONTO or use chat and get them to resolve immediately.

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@burnt_crisps2. I really can’t complain about Onto trying to help. They are trying but somehow they are unable to get me extended.

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Yippee, sorted.
If you have this issue it is because there is no link in the email displayed for signing. This is how MS Outlook works. After trying everything under the sun. Finally I selected to display the email in a browser and the sign link appeared. So the solution is to display the renew email in the browser as Outlook will not (in my case)


@Marcel I had similar issue in the app, clicked on the link, opened up the agreement. I hit start, then sign and then all greyed out. There was no way I could sign it via the app. Thanks for your tip. I had to use the link from the email via my laptop for it to all work. It was lucky I hadn’t deleted the email as I was expecting to sign it all via the app.


Hi Guys, I just want to know if anyone here on the legacy pricing with Onto, I just got the new agreement to sign with my tesla but the legacy pricing seems to have gone and now shows the current pricing, only asking as this might tip me over to leasing or contract hire.

anyone in similar situation?
any thoughts?

If you’re on legacy pricing and haven’t changed cars you’re able to keep the discounted rate no problem. Give them a call in the morning and they should be able to find out what went wrong and make sure you are charged the correct amount.

I know for me though, my contract displayed the full price and I had a rolling monthly credit automatically applied to bring me down to legacy pricing. So the price on the agreement and the amount taken from my bank account weren’t the same.

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Thanks Koda will give them a ring tomorrow

I had the same, did they sort it ok for you? emailed but not heard back…

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Same here. 17.5% price rise. Emailed on Saturday. Nothing back yet. I’ll be cancelling if this isn’t just a mistake.

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Oh god I hope not please say this was a mistake

ok guys after 2 phone calls over the weekend, rang them today finally someone sorted it out(finally!) , they ask me to log out of the app and log in again and it showed the legacy pricing ,it was a mistake on their part

@Rob2020 don’t cancel its a mistake on their part -typical evezy/onto always have to chase them
@Cuffers_p yes all sorted today thanks

@Koda thanks for the advice

was close to cancelling as already had a browse on pcp and leasing deals

hope this helps guys


How do you get legacy pricing? I got the new ds3 e tense coming Wednesday but I don’t want the price changing every month if I stick to the car for few months

if you registered and singed up before early January this year before they put the prices up,so its just luck I guess