Well it's goodbye from me

I know so many of you are new and I’ve not been around on here for a while, so I just wanted to come on to say goodbye as my EV journey comes to an end on the 30th. I decided I simply cannot justify remaining with the price increase now set to hit and the mileage reduction as well.

So in my dying days of being in an EV I get to take on my biggest journey yet, Bury in Manchester to Newquay in Cornwall, holiday for 9 days then return, by far my longest venture yet, may as well go with a bang.

It’s been a really great experience for the last 2+ years and I’ve loved it thank you to all the old regulars for all the help and advice over the years.

Whilst I maybe reluctantly returning to ICE I absolutely could not compromise on the need to stick with automatic definitely no return to manual :crazy_face:

Take care, over and out


I’ve done the same. I’ve enjoyed the Onto experience and think its a great idea but the price hike leaving a demand for pretty much £500 for a Zoe is just too much, even with todays crazy car prices.


All the best, @KineticHaze


After 18 months and a shade over 26000 miles with ONTO, I felt slightly melancholy driving my final 200 mile trip last night before returning to ICE for financial reasons, following the price increases and mileage reductions. It’s been a brilliant and friendly experience overall and ONTO for Business have been faultless.

But last night’s trip did leave me with a bitter taste where public charging is concerned. Driving south, I planned to charge at Rotherham Instavolt off the M18. I arrived to find the car park alive with chavs wandering about and cars doing handbrake turns and burnouts. I dodged past the wandering kids and swung past the chargers but there was no way I felt safe stopping there, let alone plugging in for 50 minutes. Additonally, I noticed that the broken charger was srill broken (reported weeks, if not months ago) with apparently no resolution. The other unit hasn’t accepted RFID for weeks either, requiring a phone call to get it started, and at last check this was no different.

So I nursed the car down to Markham Vale on “vapours” and plugged into Instavolt there, to receive a meagre 25kW from the 125kW pair. Aborted the charge and then moved over to Osprey who delivered me a solid 47kW.

Whilst not the end of the world or something I’m unable to deal with, my overriding thoughs were :

  1. This is how the experience was 18 months ago. The number of chargers may be slowly increasing, but the experience and frustration is largely the same.

  2. Instavolt may be losing their reputation for reliability - their older chargers are getting flakey, their newer chargers are horrible to use and whilst their phone presence is responsive and friendly, their equipment seems to be staying broken for longer.

I really look forward to returning to EV, for sure, but it’s unlikely to be until good quality second hand EVs are affordable and public charging is vastly improved.


My EV was collected on Tuesday and it was definitely a bittersweet goodbye, I’ve really really enjoyed the EV experience but I just couldn’t justify the new pricing / reduced miles. So I’ve got myself an ICE and I’m happy I managed to find a car in really good condition with only 45k miles and saving myself well over £150 a month even after factoring in Insurance, breakdown, gap and fuel. Here is my new beast.


That looks like it’s in really good nick for the age/mileage.


Yes it’s in amazing condition, thanks will do


I don’t want to sound pessimistic, but with the effects of climate change becoming more and more apparent, I respectfully urge you to reconsider going back to an ICE car.
Sometimes choosing the cheapest option isn’t the right option.

Sometimes unfortunately it’s the only option


Returning to ICE is definitely not ideal and is something that 12 months ago I thought would never happen. But drastically reducing the number of miles we are driving and using efficient vehicles to achieve this (regardless of fuel type) is arguably the most important part of reducing transport-related carbon emissions, and this is what I have personally done.

Some of the money I should save each month I plan to spend on using the train, to cover off the few long trips I may still need to make. Whilst I’ve been a vehicle subscriber, it’s been difficult to justify using public transport for long trips because the miles are already paid for on the car.

Saving energy and reducing carbon emissions come in many different forms and I’m pretty confident that my overall transport-related carbon output will be reduced since reducing miles and returning to ICE. But this reflects only my personal circumstances.

I do hope to return to EV (and hopefully ONTO) as soon as it’s financially viable for me to do so.


I don’t think it really needs to be said in a forum like this where everyone is already on board with the benefits of EVs and I am sure everyone here would be sticking with electric if it was a viable option.

Unfortunately the simple fact is that EVs are expensive. Electricity is expensive, even with the new price cap. And for a lot of people there isn’t the luxury of choosing the cheapest option, or the ‘right’ option as you call it to help the environment. With the cost of living crisis it’s a choice between that, or simply not being able to afford a car.

I’ve been driving EVs for longer than most people on here, having switched very early on and it was a 50/50 split of fuel cost savings and the environmental benefits that influenced it. And with that said, if I was put in a position where I had to choose due to my finances, I would be very sad to be forced to drive ICE but wouldn’t hesitate to do so given the circumstances.