Welcome to the Community! New Member FAQ's

Welcome to the Onto Community!

You may have seen this post come up previously, put together by the wonderful @Koda ! Having received his blessing, we’ve reposted this under an Onto account to ensure that any changes to the topics mentioned below can be updated as quickly and effectively as possible.

In addition to this post, I’d also like to bring your attention towards our new Help Centre! You can also find it in the top bar of the homepage on the website!

It’s very much in it’s initial stages with a few key topics included, with more being worked on at the moment. This new Help Centre allows us to provide much greater detail, including visuals, for all questions and queries that may come up over the course of your journey with Onto. For now we still have the original FAQ’s available if the information you’re looking for isn’t in the Help Center.

This topic is open to all comments, so please, if you feel there is something missing from here, do let us know, and we can add it in!

I Signed up today but can’t find any cars available. What’s up?
Unfortunately there’s ongoing supply issues in the automotive world. Between chip shortages, covid outbreaks and unprecedented demand for new cars, there’s a bit of a wait to get enough cars for us to keep up with demand. The booking system operates live, so cars come and go all day every day as new cars are added to the fleet, existing subscribers swap or return cars, or potential new subscribers cancel orders. Check back as often as you can, and act fast when you see a car! Remember that you can always swap at any time for just £49.50 if you need to be mobile quickly but would prefer something else for the long term.

Is there an easy way to see what cars are available?
Unfortunately not. We are continuing to develop and improve the insight to availability but for now you can enter your postcode to check availability of each model until you find something, or sign up for availability updates on the vehicle pages.

I Made a booking, but haven’t heard anything else. Has my booking fallen through?
You’ll get a booking confirmation email, but that’s about it for now. 7 Days before your booking starts you’ll see your account spring to life on the website, showing you what’s to come. But your app won’t function until 30 minute before your booking start time. Don’t worry if it’s all blank before this.

What about my payments?
If you booked your car more than 2 weeks before delivery, you’ll pay 50% upfront plus delivery fees and any bolt ons you may have selected. 7 Days before delivery your card will be charged for the remainder of this fee. If you book a car with less than 2 weeks before delivery, you’ll pay the entire balance upfront. When you have your car, your card will be used to hold the renewal balance 7 days before your new rental agreement, but the funds won’t actually be taken until renewal.

My hire agreement is only 1 month long. Can I extend this?
Each Hire Agreement lasts for one month. If you are happy with your current car, simply keep signing a new agreement each month when invited to do so, and you can stick with it for as long as you want. You may be contacted during your subscription as part of the Refresh and Retire programme we have for cars that reach the end of their lifetime with us, from there we will discuss arranging a swap to a newer vehicle or maybe even a different vehicle.

What happens on delivery day?
You’ll be contacted by your delivery driver either the day before or on the day of delivery to give you an ETA of their arrival. Sadly, not all deliveries go as smoothly as we would hope, although the majority of them do go to plan. If your car is delayed for any reason, we will always try to give you as much warning as possible, and you’ll get your delivery fee credited back to you.

Your Onto app will come to life 30 minutes before your booking start time. It will also show the location of the car. DO NOT touch the big key button in the app until you have the car in your possession. This button activates your booking and starts your responsibility for the vehicle, including mileage relating to delivery if the car is not yet with you. The driver will either give you a courtesy call to let you know they’re on their way, or send you a text with a tracking link.

Your driver could arrive at any time throughout the day, so please try to be available all day. You’ll need your photocard driving license to show as part of the identity checks at handover. The driver will take a while to inspect the car and take lots of photos, as well as quickly talking you through the car before leaving. You are under no obligation to provide transport for the drivers (for example to a train station) - They have their own travel plans. It can sometimes be helpful if you have a phone number for a local taxi company for them however.

I’ve got my car, but something is missing, or I have found a bit of damage. What do I do?
Simply log it in the app, send an email to [email protected] or call 0800 030 6840 as soon as possible. Send photos if relevant. They’ll make sure it’s either logged or put right for you.

I’m concerned about the £1000 insurance excess. What can I do about this?
As standard, there is an excess of £1k in the event of an accident regardless of fault. This will be payable shortly after the incident, so please make sure you have this available to prevent issues. If you don’t have your car yet, you can add a reduction policy which will drop this down to £350 for a monthly fee. This unfortunately cannot be added once you have your car, without swapping to a new one.

How does charging work?
Each car comes with 2 charging cables. A Type 2 cable for public charging, and a 3-Pin ‘granny’ cable for home charging. (If home charging, don’t use an extension cable, and closely monitor the first few times for signs of overheating. Homes with older wiring may not be up to the job)

Your car will come with 3 RFID cards. These are BP Pulse, Shell Recharge, and Instavolt. If you have a Tesla you can also use the Tesla Supercharge network with your car too, all included in your subscription. To plan your journeys you can use ABRP (A Better Route Planner) and the Zap Map app to help you locate chargepoints that you can use. Please see below for a complete list of inclusive networks. You can use others too, but this will be at your own expense:

Alfa Power
Electric Blue (EB Charging)
EV Box
Has To Be
Mer (Gronn Kontakt)
RAW Charging (Franklin LiFE)
Shell Recharge


BP Pulse (Polar)
Charge Your Car (CYC, and regional variations of the network for example D2N2, and some local council branded networks - Check with individual brands)

There’s a dash cam in my car. Can you tell me more about it?
The cameras record 17 second clips and are triggered by certain activity that may suggest dangerous driving or an accident taking place. It’s sent automatically to the cloud where it can be analysed by the insurer in the event of a claim. No audio is recorded. Unfortunately you will not be able to access footage yourself.

The mileage records don’t seem right in my app or online account. What do I do?
The app only updates when you use it. Try to use the Onto app to unlock, start, drive and lock the car rather than the key, every once or twice a month. This will help keep your mileage logs up to date to ensure you are within your allowance.

I have another question not mentioned here. Now what?
Post a question here in the Onto community, or even leave a comment below in response to this thread. We’re happy to help, and we don’t bite!


thanks that was a great read - happy to be here