Welcome to on.to - what a shambles

Sadly my welcome to the world of on.to has not been pain free, and has already left me pretty disappointed.

Now… I managed to mess up my first order, somehow ordering two cars - one under my wife’s account as the additional driver, and one under mine. I will hold my hands up here and say that was my mistake, rookie error i guess.

However, you would think i was asking on.to to split the atom to actually cancel one of the bookings.
Its now taken 4 phone calls, each one seemingly starting from scratch, an additional web chat and now emails too, none of which have resulted in any resolution.

I’m owed nearly £500 back, i’m a week down the line and i’m getting absolutely nothing back in the way of communications or resolution, other than the same empty promise to cancel the booking. I’m actually thinking i need to raise a credit card dispute to get this resolved which seems so ludicrous.

Really hope thigs improve quickly or this will be a very short experience with on.to, which would be a shame!

Will tag @Adam_at_Onto for you.


Thank you - any help would be most appreciated

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Hi @robertjp

I’m sorry to hear of the experience you’ve been facing so far. I’ve had a quick look at your account, and cannot see any reservation attached to it now.

I’ve asked @Hena_at_Onto to pop over and ensure that all refunds have been completed for you, and to assist with any other questions you may have.

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@E7EV please feel fee to tag me in any issue posts too, more than happy to help look over anything, or get the ball rolling on resolutions :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Thank you George, and Hena in advance.

I have not had any confirmation of a cancellation, nor the refunds at this stage, and anything you can do to help this would be great.

Please email me if you would like the specifics of which car to cancel, it would be a disaster if the car we actually needed got cancelled!


@robertjp Believe @Hena_at_Onto has already helped resolve this.

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Just wanted to say thanks to the onto team for sorting this out, i believe part of the delay was due to notifications going to my junk email inbox, but nevertheless i do appreciate the rest of the team stepping up to resolve this.

The rest of my experience has been very good so far, hope it continues to get better! :smile: