Website Vehicle Delivery Time Descriptions

The number of different descriptions used to communicate delivery times seems to have somewhat expanded. But what do they all mean?

Estimated delivery 4 weeks

This has changed from, in the case of the ZE50s, the beginning of August. Does information from the website trump what existing subscribers have been told personally, via email or posted on this forum?

Estimated delivery 12 weeks

Some vehicles stay permanently at 12 weeks. I’ve never seen an estimated time of more than twelve weeks.

Waitlist full

Written in red, as opposed to faded out grey. Not seen this one before. Logically it means: “Don’t ring up about these vehicles, we’re not accepting anymore names on the waitlist”.

Fully booked

Again another new description, applying only to the Zoe ZE40 at the moment. What is the difference between this and “Waitlist full”? Is the former permanent, and the latter temporary. Are the ZE40s going to be defleeted as they are handed back?

I could do a phD on this. Dr E7EV… I like it!


What’s the timeline for new subscriptions and cars that say “Immediate Delivery” (Zoe ZE50 both GT and Iconic).

I joined over the weekend and so did my wife as secondary driver for my sub … just wondering what the process is for initial setup etc and how long does that “Immediate Delivery” take?

Give them a call if you haven’t already. They’ll be able to make sure you’re all approved, and then get you booked in for a car. ZE50’s are constantly coming in so I’d assume you can probably have a car within the next week if you’re not especially worried about color choices, the way that things currently are.

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Finally sorted, after a few calls and emails and a week in between … and car booked for delivery in around two weeks … thank you!