Website error

I get this every time I try to login to the main website on my phone.

I can get around it by reloading the site, and eventually getting to the account page, but it would obviously be better if this error didn’t occur.


When I do get into my account, it has been displaying this recently. (The named additional driver still appears ok)

(I did email in about this, but haven’t heard anything yet)

Website seems super broken tonight. Basically any webpage other than the homepage (which is formatted strangely), leads to a 404 error including the login.

It seems to work for me. I haven’t checked the main site in a long while so I can see the website has had a facelift.

You’ve caught us in the middle of an update - all should be back to normal again!

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I get that error frequently and don’t have a “main driver”

New website looks smart though!


Couldn’t see the Peugeot e-208 GT Line listed but is still available according to the Book Now feature.

@E7EV this is on the list to fix, thanks for letting us know, we are working on this amongst other bugs now.


I’ve just received my new hire agreement but there’s no additional driver on it, we swapped to an ioniq on 29th Jan. Always had additional driver on the zoe is this a bug or should my Mrs not be driving the car?

They have likely messed up. They forgot to add my partner to the e-208 after a swap too. I would strongly advise your partner doesn’t drive the car until you’ve spoken to ONTO to rectify.

Hopefully your experience will be better than mine. It took them 2 weeks to re-add my partner.


They added my wife on last week over the phone straight away, with email confirmation!

Definitely, I had my wife added on to a previous vehicle, but she “dropped off”. Fortunately it wasn’t an issue because she hardly drives, but it’s a very grey area if ONTO says she isn’t covered! Maybe @Carol could confirm what would happen in this situation, she was already an active driver, but it wasn’t moved over to the next vehicle (Although with the app V3 it’s much easier to be sure)

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Glad to hear that the service has improved. My issue was in November.


Yeah, certainly improved and the email follow up is a great addition!

After clicking the green button I got this in seconds!

And could also have implications with insurance4carhire in the event of a claim if the driver at the time of an incident wasn’t named on the agreement for that month.

Good point, totally forgot about that one! Although excess would be the least of concern if ONTO said the “dropped off” driver wasn’t insured!

Just spoke to them all sorted now, seems there is a bug in the system that removes any named drivers when car is swapped. So if you’ve swapped recently double check everyone’s allowed to drive.


@Nickwba250485, did you manage to get this sorted, on the old process any named drivers did not get carried over automatically on a swap and the team should have brought this to your attention. I am sorry this didn’t happen and I will be re briefing the team today.

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Hi yes I called and spoke to someone, all sorted now, however I said that my hire agreement was wrong, which is how I spotted additional driver was missing, but I haven’t received a new one yet. Current agreement ends on 28th so can you make sure I get a new agreement to sign? Thanks Nick

Sorry Nick you will need to contact support please and they will confirm what we need to do if anything