Wear & tear

I’ve had my q4 for 9 months now, 1st onto car. It’s going back next month swapping for the Megane (think I’ll regret it) but are the same wear and tear rules applied to a car I’ve had 9 months rather than one I’ve had a month?

Seems a bit unfair

Fair wear and tear will come into play, and I am sure they will take into consideration the length of ownership…

Damage on the other hand, is damage and doesnt matter if you have had the car 2 days or 2 years the same rules apply…

Have a look here What's fair wear and tear? - Onto - Electric Car Subscription

No damage, it been looked after well. Just normal wear and tear from general driving, I’ve had a look in the paperwork but couldn’t see anything, I just read the t&c’s and seems a bit unfair if they apply the same rules to someone who has had the car 9 months compared to 1.

Not entirely sure what the question is here.

Are you saying a higher standard should apply to a one-month-term than a continuous sub spanning many months? :thinking: or vice versa?

I suppose a longer term would likely see a bigger question as to whether accumulated wear and tear becomes actual damage that needs paying for… is that it?

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PS - why do you think you might regret the Migraine :flushed::face_with_raised_eyebrow: (or why not stick with the car you know)?

I was absolutely crapping my self handing back my Hyundai of 16 months, horror stories on here of hundreds of pounds being charged, but the guy who collected mine said he hadn’t seen one in such good condition before gave me some horror stories :rofl:.

I think as long as the alloys and paint work are in good condition, small chips small scratches are ok….they look most for alloys I think just make sure it’s super clean smells nice take lots of pics ne you should be good.

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