We’ve got the brand new ZOE’s!

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Hello everyone,

The Renault ZOE has proven to be one of the most popular electric cars in our fleet (and in Europe!) so we’re bringing you the new for 2022, Zoe S Edition and GT Line + models.

There’s plenty of new features to check out. The S Edition is fitted with the Active Emergency Braking System (AEBS), front parking sensor, rear parking camera, and it comes with the powerful R135 100kW motor.

The GT Line + has all of the above as well as heated front seats, heated leather steering wheel, and wireless phone charging. Both are available in 7 different colours, including the striking ‘Flame Red’, pictured above and a personal favourite of ours, as well as a new ‘Midnight Blue’.

The Zoe S Edition is £489 per month and the GT Line + is £499 per month. Both cars are available to book now for delivery in April so don’t hang around!


Got a Zoe GT Line due on Tuesday, would love heated seats in the + model but not sure its worth £100 per month extra (over the protected price of the GT Line currently)


GT line is good and it’s spring/summer so no need for heated seats/steering :wink: enjoy Zoe


Would I like to pay £100 more for the car I’ve got already, hmmmm, I’ll pass on this


Although I’m bracing for when the current GT is de fleeted and the price flies up like a rocket


Not sure if this applies to these models but Renault are REMOVING features with latest models.

EDIT: Oh hang on, looks like these models are adding back in some of the features they removed from the previous models.

The cruise control is it adaptive?? :thinking:

This is Tier 2 right?

Last question … ONTO did you pay extra £199 for alarm? I couldn’t find it in the description :thinking:


Tier 1, I think. There’s been no mention, but the existing Zoe along with the e208, Corsa and e-Up are all Tier 1.


So when my Zoe is recalled (Dec ‘21) at the latest, I guess the GT line+ is the replacement for my GT line, and I’m going to get stung for that. So the new price will be £499 plus £40 to make up the mileage…

They’d better be able to find me a red one!

ONTO customers with Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe GT Line + … scored ZERO on EURO NCAP … side airbags replaced with new technologies like : lane departure, blind spot etc.

This isn’t true. The GT Line + hasn’t been tested by NCAP.

If it had been tested then it would’ve scored higher although the score would have been limited by the missing airbag.


Yup… my GT Line has everything but the heated seats/wheel. That’ll be a £100 a month increase when that time rolls around :sob:

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The section about Safety equipment is very interesting :thinking:

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Hi @Zak78 thats for the 2021 model

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@Raheel_at_Onto do we know when the current Zoe’s are entering the Refresh and Retire Program? I can’t see why you’d keep 4 trim levels of the same car so I assume the old ones will be retired shortly?

’Wow’ it looks like it’s gone up to 1 Star… :clap: :clap: :clap:

"Renault told HonestJohn.co.uk that it intends to fit AEB to every Zoe E-Tech Electric trim level as standard from March 2022.

This, in theory, could earn the Zoe one star, if it was awarded the maximum available points in the AEB car to car assessment as it would markedly improve its score in the Safety Assist category."

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Same question concerning the e-208 GT Line which isn’t even offered to new customers anymore. Guessing they’re retired as they’re returned. I have three options:

(1) Swap to an e-Up as soon as one is available and pay the swap fee with points.

(2) Wait until the e-208 is retired and get a free swap. Hopefully into a brand new e-Up if more are joining the fleet.

(3) Enjoy the e-208 until August and hope that an e-Up is available, or something else that I can afford.

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morning @DavidJL @E7EV - - I’m not too sure about specific dates, but generally speaking we rotate our stock every 2 years, unless certain vehicles are higher mileage. in which case we’ll look to retire them sooner.

The new additions are complementary to the current ones. Yes the specs are different but it was a cost/value balancing act as always. We’re one of, if not the largest bulk purchasers of Renault EVs in the UK at present - for multiple reasons, and these new additions will help to cement that.

For all the terrible press they get, the Zoes are awesome (not so little) EVs - especially for a first time EV driver.


I agree, but there will always be people who want to stick the knife in :slight_smile: Having done relatively large mileage in a Zoe and an ID.3 Life, there are aspects which the Zoe has definitely got better :

  • Headlamps (brightness, range and auto-dip)
  • Stereo sound quality
  • Driver Interaction (actual knobs)
  • Heat Pump
  • Low speed throttle sensitivity
  • Accessory socket where you can actually get to it

The drive, interior space and the adaptive cruise control of the ID.3 are undeniably better and I’ll probably miss these features, but I really don’t think going back to a Zoe will feel like a huge step backwards.