We’ve got a Fisker update for you…

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We’re really happy to announce that the Fisker Ocean Ultra will be joining our fleet in 2023!

As some of you will remember, back in May 2021 we announced that we are Fisker’s exclusive UK subscription partner for the launch of the Ocean, which means the Onto Community will be the first to experience it in the UK.

The Fisker Ocean had its official European unveiling at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona recently. Our CEO and co-founder, Rob Jolly, and our CCO, Rui Ferreira, had the privilege of attending and got the chance to check out the Ocean up close.

There are endless impressive and innovative features, but our favourites include the 17.1” revolving central touchscreen, the Hyper Range battery delivering 340 miles of range (estimated WLTP), and the patented “California Mode” allowing you to fully open 9 windows at the touch of a button!

We think you’re going to love it and we can’t wait for it to arrive in our fleet. For the curious, you can find out more here!


Good to get this update, and confirmation that the Ocean is joining the fleet. So could be up to another 20 months to wait as the month or even quarter of 2023 is not yet known.

I’m assuming that this isn’t an April Fools joke @Lily_at_Onto :wink:


@E7EV - it’s not an April Fools joke - we’re genuinely excited & couldn’t contain ourselves :slight_smile:


It will turn to an April Fools joke later, when in 2025 the wait is still on… and the second time when the delivered cars will be more beta than the ID3 was. Or finally when they cancel the whole endeavour. :wink:

They plan to reach production of 100k+ cars per year in 2024, which figure is seemingly not very ambitious but could be a real challenge, even with Magna behind them. They will start delivering the most expensive trims first as usual. Currently they claim 40k+ preorders, which is about the 2023 planned production. If you add the unforeseen difficulties of the current car production hell, anything can happen. Not too many Sport trims in sight for years, and based on price expect at least £999 monthly fee, likely more. :smiley:

Hi Raheel, can you get on and refund my inappropriate 'unauthorised mileage ’ charges asap - I contacted Onto 4 times over 10 days prior to my touring holiday to make sense of the App balance mileage and add whatever ‘bolt ons’ necessary
I was eventually told over phone ‘you Definitely dont have to worry about being charged for excess mileage, enjoy your holiday, we shall sort it out’ -
I was then charged on my account!
I have written and ‘complained’ numerous times, incl CS009EFF
You are forcing me to look at Elmo’s offer for the MG5, as I wont be cheated - particularly after giving Onto 100% support and promoted the company many, many times to interested parties without seeking intro commission

I guess the April Fools joke is on those who reserved an Ocean in 2020, months ahead of the Onto deal being announced, and then get told 8 months later “Oh no, sorry, we’ve bumped you to 2024 so we can deal with this new fleet customer first”. It was those early sign-ups that allowed Fisker to get the funding needed to move forward with finding build partners and starting production.

If that’s an indication of how trustworthy Fisker are as a business, Onto should be wary.


Did anyone in the U.K. actually place a reservation for a car that at the time was only available to USA customers?

And what business these days doesn’t take your money for reserving a car well before it’s launched? Tesla, VW etc.


I know at least 140 people in the UK had paid to reserve cars before I placed my reservation in September 2020 - it had already been confirmed it would be available in the UK at that time.

So to answer your question directly: Yes.

As regards the deposit for reserving, it was fundamentally different to when I bought my last few cars from Jaguar, Volvo and Mercedes respectively in as much as it was made clear in the terms of the reservation that you were reserving a future build slot and that the decision to build would be dependent upon sufficient reservations. In the event that insufficient orders were placed, all reservation fees would be refunded.

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Wow, that surprises me. Guess you must have been on some Fisker forum to know 100 plus U.K. had paid a deposit.
I looked at it when first announced, but it was too far off to warrant a deposit in my book. Have put deposits down on a number of EV’s but have come to the conclusion that subscription is a better option than buying a car these days, at least until there is some stability in the product and maybe not even then.

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There was a press release that listed and ranked reservations by country, one they repeated a couple of times over the following months as numbers rose.

My car was about 6 months old at the time and I’d already decided my next car would be a BEV when it came for renewal in '23. Something about the overall package of the Ocean really appealed; In the past I’ve had Freelanders and the drop down tailgate window was great with the dogs on board. The styling, closer to a small, sporty estate or hatchback rather than a bulbous blob also grabbed my attention. The range proposition also hit my sweet spot.

I run my own business, so can get the full benefit of buying, plus many subscription services don’t cover far off rural parts (anywhere that’s not a city, basically) .

But it rather looks like my plans have been scuppered by the Fisker/Onto deal. I’ve gone from full-on evangelist to bitter ex spouse, and know I’m not alone in feeling somewhat cheated by the “thanks for helping us get our funding, now back of the queue, peasant” approach that’s been taken.

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Aha that explains a lot.
It also sucks from your viewpoint for sure and I thoroughly agree with why the Fisker looks a great all round product. I can see it replacing the I-pace we currently have via Pivotal.

I’m retired so very different circumstances than yourself, but maybe you have the option of subscription as a business user with Onto for a year or whatever till you can obtain the deal you really need.

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I had hoped to get a Fisker One - the launch edition. But yes, subscribing for a year may work, but only if it’s at least as cost effective, which some of the pricing I’ve seen on here suggests will not be the case. If not, I’ll put my money elsewhere - although quite where I’m not sure at the moment.


Anyone going to Goodwood?

Look what’s coming:

I assumed this car is premium so monthly price will be high £££?

Only a static pre production model, so no getting inside or test drives unfortunately.

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Live stream here - if you are into cars generally this is great viewing



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Tickets all sold!

Live stream it is then.:older_man:


100 days until the start of the production …