"We don't give keycards, we just lock people out of their car for a week"

Next time this happens (hopefully not, but just in case) try turning your wifi and mobile data off so the app doesn’t have any way to contact the servers. It then automatically approves the key and lets you unlock, drive, and lock the car. It works as long as the app gets access to the server at some point (every few days? Not sure how often, maybe something the evezy team could answer? @Lily_at_Evezy)

It would be too late by then, as when the server is experiencing issues, it ends your session (logs you out entirely) and therefore you’d need an active connection and working server to log back in.

For example, last time Evezy had issues, as soon as I opened the app it logged me out. Turning data off would not help me at all at that stage, as I no longer had access to the lock/unlock screen - just a login form. And of course logging in would require a data connection and functioning server.

The only way to avoid being at the mercy of Evezy’s server is to switch mobile data off before you open the app, every single time, just in case it kicks you out and you’re unable to get back in.


You can individually disable app mobile data usage on iOS.

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Still doesn’t help when there’s a server issue and you’re force logged-out, and to be honest, having to change settings per-app on your phone to compensate for someone else’s poor software just shouldn’t happen.

Hi Tom, our team is growing over the next year to meet the growing demand.

Regarding the keycard, unfortunately we are not able to give you one and we can’t make any exceptions. This is due to the way our business model works in order to be able to provide the flexibility we do, as well as for security purposes.

Sorry to hear what happened a few weeks ago. Our team will be in touch to resolve any issues you are still experiencing!


Hi @Tom

I’m sorry to hear you’ve experienced issues during your subscription.

We have not had any unplanned downtime on our servers since December 7th 2019, which lasted less than 20 minutes in total.
Regardless of any potential server issues, if the booking is still on your device, you should be able to access your car without mobile data signal or direct connectivity to our servers by using the Bluetooth connection.

If you do continue to have an issue, our team will be able to assist you by contacting 0800 030 6840, who have the ability to unlock the car over the air using a backup mechanism. If it’s something more complex than this, we can send someone out within 24 hours to inspect and fix/swap the vehicle. It is worth noting that we have over 1,000 active users and in total since June 2019 we have had less than 0.4% of vehicles with app connectivity issues (although this is something we obviously still want to improve).


Hi @Ayman_at_Evezy, it was the Dec 7th outage. When this happened, the app logged me out as soon as it opened. I was not able to log back in, and turning data off wouldn’t have made a difference in this situation as I had been logged out.

20 minutes is too long when it’s a mission-critical service. Where’s the redundancy or backup option - or is that the phone that nobody was answering?

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@Tom - I completely understand the frustration here and we’ve learned a lot from this incident. Our tech team deployed something as a one-off, and unfortunately this had unintended consequences which our usual redundancy measures didn’t catch.

We’ve addressed these issues from a feature/product launch perspective, and now have more stringent release processes in place.

As many of our customers had this issue during this period of downtime, response times were far from our standard SLA’s. On that weekend, by the time we had mobilised additional staff members to support, the issue had been resolved. From a customer service perspective, on the back of this, we’ve now set up a more stringent backup structure in the event of any future issues to ensure all calls can be answered in a timely manner.

Again, I can only apologise for this issue, it’s not the experience we want for any of our members.


Thanks @Ayman_at_Evezy, as a software developer and a customer this is exactly what I wanted to hear from the start. A reason why this happened, and a reassurance that things have changed since to to prevent it happening again.

It’s a real shame that this wasn’t communicated directly after the outage, as at the time it appeared to be completely random and therefore gave the impression that this could happen again at any time.

In fact, this outage and (more importantly) the lack of clarity afterwards was actually one of the main reasons I then ordered a car through traditional means in early January, and one of the main reasons my Model 3 will sadly be returned in the (relatively) near future.


@Tom agree with your comments, but also feel for Evezy as they have grown quickly and sadly not been in a position to feedback important growth issues back to subscribers timely. There has been a number of times they should have emailed everyone with some basic news and updates and they have I believe learnt their lessons the hard way. Had they built a forum on their own website much earlier they could have communicated server status and other key information much better, or just emailed everyone. I am a long time Customer Support Manager so I naturally look at the issues from both sides of the equation and have made many process and procedure improvement suggestions since discovering Evezy. They are getting there for sure, but not surprised a number of subscribers have dropped out early on or given up before even getting a car. I still see Evezy as one of the groundbreaking disrupters in the market and doubt I will ever buy a car new again.


So I got locked out last week and had to leave the car for a week as i work away. Evezy did come out on the Monday to fix but i was surprised that they came out to my home and accessed the car in my drive with no pre warning or knock on the door to say they were on my property resetting the car.

Hi @burnt_crisps2 thanks for sharing your experience and feedback! As a start-up facing rapid growth, we acknowledge where we may have gone wrong in the past and are certainly working towards improving how we communicate going forward. Thanks again for your patience and understanding as we work to make these improvements.

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You’re not a startup though. RentE has been around for ages. Starting a new arm of a small business doesn’t make you a startup… you’re an SME undergoing expansion like any other.

Companies tend to lean on the “but we’re a startup” line when they’ve been caught with their knickers down, and it’s tiresome when it doesn’t apply.

Just saying :wink:

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Startups are any company that is nought to ten years old!
Worked at a few too, from day one.

I also worked at a few and left fairly sharpish as they all shipped crappy, rushed product then hid behind the label as an excuse :wink:

I think that’s completely unfair. Evezy are delivering a fantastic service for the money. Everyone I speak to and tell about them always wants to know what the catch is, as it seems too good.

There are going to be niggles as it is a start up using novel technology and a novel business model. To suggest otherwise suggests to me you have an alternative motive for your posting.


I’m very happy with my Model 3, but wasn’t super happy about paying 600 quid a month to be locked out of my car :wink:

Honestly though I’m now considering keeping it. Great car, and Evezy’s response to the issue in this thread was very reassuring.

Are you saying my assessment of startups is unfair? It’s based on my own working experience, so…

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Your post infers that evezy provide a “crappy, rushed product”

That isn’t fair, which you already know.

Evezy told me today that they have updated over the air their software on the i3 to avoid the key issues I’ve had, fingers crossed!


I mean some of the releases lived up to the stereotype… it has improved though.