"We don't give keycards, we just lock people out of their car for a week"

Well aware that I have a chip on my shoulder about keycards, but I’m curious about how Evezy can justify this one…

What would you have done if this failure had occurred away from home, in poor weather, Evezy? Insist the customer walks to and pay for a hotel for a week? :wink:

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I have to admit, this is a worry of mine. I have a collection coming up and am going to be coming ~150 miles to get to my nearest pickup point and then driving that distance back home. Especially if it happens at the pickup point and I can’t get in, or I get locked out at a motorway services while charging the car otherwise in the middle of nowhere quite some distance from home it worries me that from what I am reading, it is okay to just keep them waiting around without access to a car they are paying for, and depending on where this happens leaving them stranded.

Not necessarily saying I demand a key, but it appears some work needs to be done to improve the reliability of the current access method, or at the very least a guarantee that Evezy will do something about it and not leave a driver stranded or without a car.


What has the speakev text got to do with this thread? :thinking: Did you copy and paste the wrong text?

No, the linked post is:

So after my first week, the car will no longer open… evezy working on it but it means I’m without it for the week with things locked in it which I need.

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I apologise if this sounds harsh in light of your situation, but the theory is surely that they won’t give keycards to everyone on the basis of occasional issues.

By comparison – for example – in my sample size of one (me) I’ve never had an issue with the app or a lack of keycard.

I would assume from Evezy’s perspective, the potential issues and risk of providing keycards vastly outweighs the inconvenience caused from infrequent problems that arise with their system.


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It’s not me this time. But I have been locked out of my car when their auth server threw a fit a few weeks ago.

The point is that the risk is there, and every time you walk up to your car, there is absolutely no guarantee it will unlock.

I think a lot of folk initially were willing to overlook this because Evezy’s rates are so cheap, but now the prices have gone up… I think people will demand more.


Surely they don’t charge you whilst locked out the car :flushed:

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In my two week experience with Evezy they either need to give out keys or improve their app!

And yes I have an iPhone so the app only being rubbish on android is nonsense. Several times now I’ve not been able to start the car, it’s unacceptable!


I think you could probably claim a retrospective refund for the period, but you’d have to speak to them. Remember monthly payments are now taken 7 days in advance (probably because people kept giving less than 7 days notice to cancel and also cancelling the payment card before Evezy could take anything).

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Just thinking how many utilities pay compensation if they don’t turn up for an appointment. And if there’s a problem with transferring from one to another, you get £30 I believe.

How about if evezy had to pay a subscriber every time the app failed to work? Perhaps a money off coupon you could use towards your next subscription (like the referral arrangement).

Single incident not resolved within 10 minutes: £10
£10 for every further hour you can’t access your vehicle.

@MrMoonUK would be getting his car for free :rofl:


Maybe they can and should improve the app, but I can’t be alone in never having had an issue with the app and unlocking my car.

I guess the only way to know would be to poll a good percentage of customers. But I still assume it’s a small percentage who’ve experienced issues.

Anyway, all this is to say that Evezy have already explained why they don’t offer keycards or keys and I can’t see that changing. So the best improvement has to be continued development of the app to make it less likely to have issues.

For those who do have issues (and it could be me too in future) let’s hope so.

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image https://i1.wp.com/canze.fisch.lu/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/1407740202-photo-1.jpg

I’ll be needing more than £10 if it doesn’t work of a morning :flushed:
My daughter would require a taxi to school £25+
And I would require a taxi to work which is 40miles away!
Fingers crossed they iron these issues out soon

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Yeah the lack of comment by Evezy on this issue is concerning…

Mine has been working as long as I don’t preheat, I’m just disappointed they haven’t given updates on when it will be fixed


That’s very odd, hadn’t realised you had posted a link, because it showed all that text. Clicking on the link shows the correct post, but the link includes text from somewhere else? Why? Seems odd.

The link will just show the metadata from the main page, not the linked post.

Not that useful doing a link, may as well just copy and paste the info. Good to know, thanks.

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This is were it is on a LHD ZE50. Presumably it will stay there on RHD models and so be in the passenger footwell.

Renault lent a LHD Zoe ZE50 to evezy for a few days so that they could see how they could install their hardware in the vehicle. That way they’ll be ready to rock and roll as soon as the first batch arrive in March.


Hi all, sorry to hear this! It doesn’t sound like a great situation. Our customer service team are looking into it to make sure we resolve it as soon as possible. However, to address your concerns @Tom, we wouldn’t leave you locked out of the car for a week, as we would send one of our engineers to check it out or provide a replacement.

In terms of being away from home, if you can’t access the car and we can’t resolve it on the phone, we will help you arrange an alternative mode of transport such as an Uber or taxi to make sure you can get home safely.


Have you employed more people to answer the phone at weekend now @Lily_at_Evezy?

Wasn’t fun being locked out of my car a few weeks ago because the server was down (and for some crazy reason, the app is set to fail locked not fail unlocked!) then unable to get through to anyone (because everyone was locked out and there was only 1(?) person manning the phones)…

Oh, and then Evezy ignored my request for a keycard and didn’t even address my concerns.

But apart from that, nope - there’s nothing wrong with not giving out keys at all :wink: