War stories: Low charge

I thought I would post this to share some war stories with charging and how close it got to anxiety levels of low. Would love to hear what experiences people have had.

For me: Did a long weekend in Wales from Manchester. Fully charge and got to to Portmeiron with 50% (amazing place BTW, definitely worth a visit). They actually had a slow charger for £3.50 for 14kW (yes the machine took a token that only ran for 2 hours), and it was in a secluded spot near the entrance so great if the car park is full.
Then headed to Llandudno was down to about 25% stayed overnight, did some driving (no chargers at my hotel or in any car parks) and headed to zip world. Then we needed to be back in Manchester for 8pm, then the troubles began.
On the way back the nearest rapid charger was occupied but we had a few hours and I figured with a 90min surcharge they would go soon. We got there only to see another car was lined up for the next charge, doh. There was a slow charger around the back, so tried to find it on the polar instant app but no joy. Rang up BP and they said that was strange as it should be there and working. The operator remote started it and worked for an instant before a fuse blew.
So time was ticking, I decided to abandon that area and drove to the coast to pick up a 22kW charger in Conwy (great location for the charger on the promenade). We had two hours left to get to Manchester, so had to abandon the charge at 50%. Then some very eco driving and got to Manchester for 8pm with about 10% charge left. When finally arrived home plugged it in with 7% charge to go.

As for range anxiety, I think my worry wasn’t can I make it? It became more what time/opportunities am I willing to sacrifice to go long distances in an EV, which was annoying to me.
Even as it was creeping to single digits towards Manchester, I wasn’t worried as there was at least a slow charger around me somewhere I could use but the fact I would have to our of my way and even wait 30 minutes, seemed a bit of a let down.


How would you Johnny-come-latelies have managed with a 22kWh Zoe. Now that was real range anxiety! And there were a lot less chargers. And they weren’t as reliable! It’s too easy now. No fun anymore. I think I’m getting old :rofl:

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