Waiting list update

It was good to get an update finally, I am within the next 50 having been on the list now since September.

I’m happy Evezy are honouring the initial price.

How about going one further and giving one of the new shiny new ZE50s due in March for the same price?


Welcome to our community @FaisM!

Glad to hear you are happy with the price, almost there now! I don’t have more information on the price of the ZE50 at the moment, but we should find out soon. That would be awesome though wouldn’t it? Perhaps not the same price but I will raise it with the team to see if we could maybe add some sort of treat for upgrading!

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I’ve just seen a comment on Facebook from a guy that’s been waiting for a car since July :astonished:

Yeah there were some on Facebook that didn’t follow up with evezy to make sure they are actually on a waiting list. There have been hundreds of subscribers that signed up later than July and already had their cars.

I signed up middle of August and received my car at the end of September so those cases are definitely not because evezy made them wait that long, but rather because they either didn’t call to go on a waiting list after they’ve been approved for evezy’s insurance or possibly because they weren’t added to it properly for some reason, but never actually followed up to make sure that they’re still in line to receive a car.


Ah. Makes sense.
I’ve said we’ll give it till May. If no car off them by then we’ll have to go buy one.

What date do we expect to get the ‘update email’?

Looking at the numbers signing up it does look like waiting lists are here to stay, even when they reach their 1000 vehicle target.

Shame as I’d love to mix and match throughout the year.

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It might achieve a state of dynamic equilibrium where the numbers joining are equalled by the numbers leaving and new cars being added to the fleet. So the day may come when we can chop and change at will. Don’t give just yet @Desolate. We could always start a secondary market…:thinking:

I can’t see a secondary market working personally.
Whilst between mates you could work it out scratches, tyres and the like can get expensive and it would be a nightmare if one party didn’t play the game.

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What about Mutual Exchange like they used to do/still do with Council houses?


White 68 Plate Zoe ZE40. 8k miles. No damage. Perfect condition.

Would Like:

BMW i3. Any age/mileage/colour considered. Prefer it to be in perfect condition, although a slight amount of wear and tear would be acceptable.

Based in London, would we willing to travel up to 150 miles for the right car. Please leave me a personal message and I’ll get back to you promptly.


Is the EvEzy system able to handle this?

They had to do a manual adjustment when I swapped cars last year.

At the moment, apart from your monthly renewal, and the referral code arrangement, everything is a manual adjustment!

Their plan is for new customers to be able to choose a vehicle package just after they register, and not have to ring up. Similar to the vehicle configurator on a car manufacturer’s website.

Choose your vehicle
Choose any vehicle accessories
Choose your mileage package
European driving?
Insurance excess, £1k or £350?
Home charging point?
Contract for Parking Permit?
Delivery or select Swap Point?
Pickup Day and Time?

Your monthly subscription comes to: £xxx

Do you wish to proceed?


Short term hiring, swapping vehicles, mutual exchange, peer to peer lending and service/warranty work booking could all be added on to this. You could then more or less manage your account from their website and/or the app.

How much human input you would need to make this all work, I don’t know. But the more automated, or rather, the more self service the system is, the cheaper it’ll be to run.