Waiting List Position Question


I am on the waiting list for a Tesla, signed up and got the confirmation email in mid August, and was wondering how I see what position I am on the list? I’ve scoured my account page and can’t see anything and have not received any emails about it…

I’m not in a hurry for it or expecting a car anytime soon! But it would be nice know how far away I am.


They’re supposed to give you monthly emails but seemingly stopped updating people. Give them a call tomorrow, press the option as a new member, and ask them to confirm that you’re definitely still on the list and what position you’re in.

If you only signed up about a month ago though, I imagine you could be waiting quite a long time to get one. I haven’t heard any recent news about new Tesla cars joining the fleet, and there doesn’t seem to be many members returning these vehicles and ending their subscriptions.

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I’ll give them a buzz. Realistically I am not expecting anything this year anyway. I love my i3, especially at the legacy price!, so I am reluctant to give it up but my circumstances have changed so I could do with a little more range now.

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