Waiting list/availability

Hey all, I naively looked online and seen the onto site said bmw i3 showing “limited stock” so I sign up and then go to checkout but the car options actually available is much less than what the site shows. Just had a read over the forum and see people seem to know waitlists etc.

How do I see the waitlist
And does anyone know if any i3s available I the next month?


Suggest you call ONTO, first thing tomorrow and state your requirements and they should be able to sort something for you. The website doesn’t show all available options and the company is expanding and adding new make/models all the time, along with adding to their existing make/model fleet.

If you happen to live in the south east, and have enough spare time to regularly check back and refresh the booking system website then you might just about manage an i3 within the next month. Otherwise I’d say its unlikely I’m afraid.

Wait lists are basically gone now, with exception to the Tesla M3, and the extreme levels of demand at the moment mean that cars come and go quickly.

If you need a car in the next month I recommend taking anything you can get, and then booking a swap to the i3 as soon as one becomes available.

Also worth noting that in the next week or two there are 2 new models being announced, but even they would be a push in terms of getting delivered in the next month. One is expected to be the VW ID.3 Which many people here want. It may tempt some people to return their i3 for you, but again the turnaround times mean it’s unlikely to be so soon, hence my suggestion to grab a Zoe or whatever for now and swap when you can.

By all means give them a call when they open this morning too. You may get lucky!

@dannycc The £70 a month you’ll save by getting a Zoe GT Line instead of an i3 will more than cover the swap fee when the latter becomes available.

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thanks all, you are all legends!!! super helpful

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just ordered the Hyundai IONIQ for delivery next Wednesday!

I’ll see how I get on, thanks again for your help


A Polar White one, in Northern England, by any chance?
I had it booked but had to cancel. I noticed that someone snapped it up very quickly!

They are great cars, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

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Exactly that :slight_smile:


Can’t believe I missed this one! I’ve been stalking the booking page for days!

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Any time you have a spare minute, just check back on the booking site. They show up fairly regularly if you aren’t too worried about delivery dates or the color of your car. The problem is that they tend to get booked up within minutes.

We’ll probably see a huge number of them show up soon once the new cars are announced in the next week or two and people start arranging swaps. That’ll probably be your best chance of getting one easily.


Thanks @Koda I’ll keep a look out

This forum has been super helpful! I didn’t really look around before diving straight in and appears I touched lucky with the availability but since booking I’ve read most of the top posts and you are all super helpul so thanks :slight_smile:


My partner was not happy with the ionic that I picked so we just swapped to the 208GT for delivery next Friday, just day 2days after the ionic was supposed to be delivered, carol was a legend in arranging.

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What didn’t your partner like about the Hyundai, if you don’t mind me asking? Hope the Peugeot goes well.

Was the Ioniq you were supposed to get in Typhoon Silver? One in silver appeared earlier that I managed to book.

Her words, not mine “it looks like an uber” so she didnt want it.

no it was polar white so assume that will be available if anyone wants to grab it soon

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I think I’ve said the same myself tbh…. and there are plenty of Ioniq Ubers where I am! (Mostly hybrids though to be fair!)

we have just moved out of london where we lived for 3 years so I do see her point too :slight_smile:

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Our taxis/uber here are 99% Prius’ with the odd Mercedes one :smile:

There isn’t such thing as uber where I live so I’ve snapped up the white one!