Waiting list/Availability notifications

Hi everyone! New member here, hoping to get my first car on subscription in the coming months. I’m almost certainly going to get a Kona, but I noticed today that both the previous model and the new one have disappeared from the booking page on the website. I’ve seen people on here mentioning waiting lists and the bottom of the car list says “We’ll notify you as soon as your car preference is available to book”, but I don’t see any way of actually joining either of these things.

Waitlists are now basically a thing of the past (with exception to Tesla)
The cars come and go from the booking system as and when they are available at their depots around the country. You can then check if it is available at your depot by entering your postcode, and that will give you the dates and colors that you can pick for delivery, up to months ahead if you want to secure the car you really want.

Because of the huge demand at the moment, you need to check back regularly. Cars show up as available and can get snapped up within minutes. Unless you want a Renault Zoe ZE50 you might be spending a couple of days regularly checking back and putting a booking in straight away before someone else does. They tend to pop up anywhere between around 9:30 AM and 7:30 PM from what I have seen, so just keep checking as often as possible between those hours.

What interests you about the Kona? We may be able to give alternative suggestions to consider that also match your needs or tastes.

Just an update on this - The 2020 Kona is now available for delivery in the South East from May 13 onwards in Galactic Grey… If this happens to be of use to you.

Thanks for all this Koda, that’s really useful! I didn’t realise the list got updated as regularly as that, once I know exactly when I’ll need the car I’ll keep checking for availability.

A new batch of 2021 kona will be released soon I had an email