VW We Connect Down....due back by end of day today

Hi All, just for info as I know it doesn’t effect everyone all at once but we lost all the widgets (basically anything useful) on the ID We Connect App a couple of days ago. Looking in the car, the car cannot connect/reach the VW servers. I raised a ticket and they have advised that there is a known issue for some servers which randomly effects various users so in case anyone else has issues then I have been told it should be back up by end of European day today (Thursday 22nd Sept)…we shall see… Would be useful if they had a service status in the app…


I’ve not been a great one for using the apps on the cars I’ve had….too late I realised that the Hyundai app was quite good - easy for starting the a/c if nothing else….then the Vauxhall app will only start heating and cooling if battery level 50%+ (FIFTY :man_shrugging::face_with_raised_eyebrow:)…

….is the VW app any use?

(Just thinking aloud because of the general ID.software competence….:rofl:)


I think we only use it to pre-heat/cool the car and its good for charge state when you are charging it - at the moment its ok to light up the room as it has a white background but thats about it :slight_smile:



See. All those so-called reviews don’t tell ya the real-important stuff!!:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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UPDATE: Was still down last night with another message from VAG to hold off making any changes. This morning (23/9) my app is showing the widgets back but no car status, (says car offline so I suspect it will need reconnecting hopefully not a factory reset) but it’s progress………of sorts……

….and it seems we are back up. Would be good if there was a service status page at VW!

1st world problems solved. I can now see my charge and warm the car up without walking an extra 10ft to the car hahaha.