VW We Connect App for e-up

Any one any joy or experience with this app, I’ve been trying to activate it constantly now for 3 days and the message never changes.

Is this the we connect app or we connect iD app?

i’m on ios so not sure how its supposed to look on android

further to that they have a support email, who from others on this forum have said seem to be very quick to resolve issues like yours, i’ll try and find it and cross post

ID3 - problem with We Connect ID - Onto vehicles - Onto Community

@KineticHaze you’re using the wrong app - car net is old. If you’ve got the ID3 or 4 u need the We Connect ID app

+1 that’s the app for ICE cars. You need the We Connect ID app.

I have the e-up not the ID 3

It’s the app the manual gives a QR code to download

Ohhhh! Apologies. That was a huge assumption on our part.

I’m not sure the Ey-Up has an app, but I’ll let someone who has experience with the E-Up to comment.

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Had the same issue. I emailed VW and they said the e-sim in the car is disabled due to GDPR or whatever and they will activate it in 48 hours. I tried it after 24 but it didn’t work, though it said I might need to drive 10 miles for it to kick in, but haven’t had time to do that yet.

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Do you have the email address you used by any chance ??

[email protected]

They reply in English, so don’t worry. :slight_smile:


Thanks for that :grin:

Adding random text to hit minimum

i get the same message ive added my e_up vin number and id just use it to preheat the car as we are in winter not sure if it only works on the id3 upwards as e_up not that highly specialised

It does look like the e-Up should be supported by We Connect (see a video here of it working on a German car: VW eUp! 2020 - We Connect App - YouTube)

It may be just the car not talking to the Internet and/or something not being right at the back end.

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I’ve emailed VW now, so will see what they come back with.


@KineticHaze - if you’re not having any luck with VW, please let us know & we’ll see if there’s anything we can help with. Do make sure you’re using the We Connect app. Car-Net was an older service which I don’t think VW provide any longer.

ive had a response from vw saying the esim will need re activation so see how i get on


and even if the eeup has auxiliary heater function


Yes I got this reply from VW, just for an FYI to everyone regarding car net, when you goto activate within the we connect app it’s takes you to car net to activate.

Thank you for contacting Volkswagen Digital Services.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this matter may be causing, and we will gladly assist you so that you will be able to successfully enrol your Volkswagen e-up!

The reason you are encountering this difficulty, is due to the embedded connectivity unit (eSIM) of your vehicle having been deactivated for GDPR reasons.

Please be aware, that we have now escalated your case to our technical team for the reactivation of your vehicle’s integrated SIM. Kindly note that this process can take 24-48 hours, after which you will be able to enrol your vehicle successfully.

Please be so kind to try to enrol your vehicle from tomorrow.


got same generated email inputted vin number awaiting a response