VW ID4 v Tesla Model S 3 X v Audi E-Tron v Hyundai Kona v Kia E-Niro Range

I liked the concept of this video, as comparisons do ideally need to be done on the same day to have any real accuracy …this is the main problem with Bjørn’s tests as the weather and route varies a lot sometimes on his tests of different cars.

Unfortunately though this test was kinda ruined a bit by the weather being too good, and it would have been better if they could have done a longer trip involving a couple of charges. Difficult to pull that off logistically though!

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Nice share. I haven’t watched the video in full but wanted to skip to some kinda stats for anyone else who doesn’t have a chance to watch the video — see screenshot of the results (at least I think this is the results?)

Definitely makes me pine for an ID.3/4 and also maybe if I get a particularly flush month maybe the eTron!

Edit: wanted to add- what’s the story with the amazing charging performance of the eTron? Sure it’s not very efficient but those charge times are :fire: :fire:

It’s actually more like :snowflake: :snowflake: that enables the awesome charging performance!



Nice link, cheers!


Thank Tyson and Interesting link BillN, but surely can not be good for that battery, but then again Tesla batteries kinda do the same, will be interesting once the new Kia and iconic come out.
Good to see that the little kona and e Niro can still hold their own with all the hyper charging going on around them.