VW ID4 Now available


Seems overpriced… Or is that just me? £100 more for an Audi seems more appealing at that price range.


Oh wow that’s a cheeky addition, and going to make a lot of people happy (or mad). Indeed for Life Pro Performance spec feels like you’d be far better off going for the Q4 etron :thinking:


£100 1 £150 overpriced based on its spec compared to Audi , £749 and I’d have one


Said exactly the same, think it should have come in around the £750 price

I think its to do with Supply and Demand…

Still £900 for an VW is a lot of money, but you do get the cup holders you don’t get in one of the Audi’s :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah not for me. I can’t justify spending that much more on pretty much the same spec as the id.3 life to get a bit more room inside.


yup - I am just waiting for my ID3 life>family swap today so probably a bit early for another swap (although I did Joke that I used to keep cars for 15 years and now 15 weeks without a new one for onto and I come out in a sweat!) . I haven’t run the numbers and I am sure its fairly priced but it does seem a pretty chunky hike from the ID.3. I appreciate 204PS ID.4 life base retail is 47k vs 30k for the same ID.3 so I guess it is a little over half as much again retail price so its about right. Just was more than I thought. Still need to give one a try out though!

It does seem a bit expensive, but then I’m comparing it with an I-Pace from Pivotal that is only £950/month which I have had for a year. On second new HSE and about to get third one, but it may go up to £1000. Doesn’t include charging, but that’s not an issue for the usage pattern we have.


number 3 :slight_smile: I wanted to keep mine for a bit but I seem to be having fun swapping cars to much…on that note I must search your Mach-E first impressions post again…


Hahahaha too true 80k and no cupholders

Must admit I am envious of those getting a new ID.3 this week and have gone through booking one in Magenta Turquoise quite a few times. If it was just my decision I would be swapping most months for sure :wink: Do love the performance drive of the Jag though.

Been using the Zoe as a load lugger today moving stuff out of storage. Do wish rear seats folded flat in modern cars. Our old focus was a star turn as the base flipped up against the front seats and the seat backs folded down flat with the headrests taken out and holes for them in the upturned base. How did manufs loose the ability to do obvious stuff?

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it is bewildering how some really nice things get missed…I know others here love the Turquoise and it is very popular on here so I am in the minority and beauty is in the eye of the beholder - but it’s not for me :slight_smile: .

Magenta Turquoise might be a bit of a loud colour combo

Makena Turquoise however looks the business

(Tongue firmly in cheek) :smiley:


strangely I am ok with the first one!


Looking on the booking page for OX15 area I can see the ID.4 is available from
24 November thru till 18 April 2022 :open_mouth: thats at least 100 booking days…
In 2 colours … Scale Silver and Glazier White

Not sure if the booking system is correct, but that’s an awfully large number of cars ~200 just for that area.

I wonder just how many ONTO order these days of any model.
Mind you saying the ID.4 seems expensive I guess we all use our consumer eyes, rather than the many business users who will see much lower numbers and a bargain, especially when it’s monthly and the business don’t get lumbered with a car if an employee leaves etc.

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The BIK rate for me on my salary for the ID.4 is £618 per month


Now if only I could persuade work to do Salary Sacrifice and though its a big saving still too much for me…


Oooh I missed that calculator…….must go and have a look……

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Nah. I agree too expensive for what it is £699, I’d bitten their hand off. Makes no sense currently at all when you can spend £100 more and get a full on Q4 with all the bells and whistles and this ID4 isn’t even that well speccd. I’m disappointed. If it was a higher spec yeah maybe the price would be enticing….
Well, can’t always get the pricing right can we Onto. :joy::joy:.
Sure there will be no shortage of people getting one though. :thinking::thinking:

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