Vw id3 tyre price

Has anyone here been charged for trye replacement on a VW id3 as i just got a bill for £250 for 1 tyre dows this sound right ?

Depends on what make/model/tyre size, but ID.3 is circa £200

I haven’t replaced tyres for electric cars but my previous e-2008 was £60 for budget £80 for mid and about 100 - 120 for premium.

A £250 price point sounds much more like sports tyre price range to me. Even the likes of a BMW M3 doesn’t cost much more than £250 per tyre.

Can someone currently with a id3 let me know what tyres you have on them thanks

Did you take pics of car before returning it?? If yes zoom in on tyres

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Not only that it must be recorded on your extensive video reviews.

Looking at ID.3 forums and Onto own specs the lower model Life Pro have…
East Derry’ 7½J x 18" alloy wheels with 215/55 R18 ‘AirStop’ tyres

Higher spec Family Pro model have…
Andoya’ 7½J x 19" alloy wheels with 215/50 R19 ‘AirStop’ tyres

ID.3s are supplied with either Bridgestone, Continental, or Goodyear.
And they are usually branded Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance which are about £180 each.

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These were tge tyres on the family I’d looks like whoever is fitting onto tyres is pricing at a premium rate…

@Slimtrader10 i checked with our maintenance team and the id3 tyres are larger than most cars of that tier and are also run flat. The price you have been charged by Onto is the price we have been charged.







Over 200 pounds but claimed it back from insurance 4 hire which I think have changed to swintons

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Thanks a lot Adam I was just curious to the pricing

Just out of interest a bit confuse, you should have maintenance included with Onto subscription why you are paying for the tyres? :thinking:

Bridgestone tyres on Life Pro Performance- £160.99 fitted at Tyres on my drive (Halfords)

As per the terms if the damage is not normal wear and tear, you pay for any damage to the tyres or if they need to replaced due to puncture

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Unfortunately it changed a few months ago. Punctures used to be included but not anymore

Hey @geon106 ,

We still do! A puncture is covered under our Maintance policy, if it is repairable.

If the puncture is deemed irrepairable by our team, this would the unfortunately result in a form of cost to replace.

Oh really? I was told it wasn’t and was dreading getting the car booked in as I have a slow puncture but if it’s covered then great

@geon106 I checked with our Assistant Maintenance Manager to confirm prior to replying, if you don’t mind me asking, who advised you this was not covered?

I would advise getting it booked in and seeing how it goes from there, having a puncture can be dangerous!

Better to be safe :slight_smile:


Hi @geon106 ,

Odd, not too sure if he was referring to something else maybe? Either way, a repairable puncture is free of charge! The only cost for a tyre is the following:
Items we do not cover:

  • Wear due to harsh acceleration + braking (Basically erratic driving)

  • Damage to the sidewall (Against UK Road Law/MOT Failure)

  • Irrepairable punctures

Items we do cover:

  • Repairable punctures

  • Uneven wear (If no damage is caused to the alloy/suspension)

  • Wear due to FW&T mileage

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Hi Ben,

Oh okay. I mean I didn’t get charged that time as was told it was covered still due to original wording on my agreement.

I’ll call you guys today and get the car booked in :slight_smile: