VW ID3 Pro

When I booked the had Glacier White, Moonstone Grey, Something or other Silver, Manganese Grey.

I went for the white. I love the contrast between the black roof and white paint.

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Amazing, thank you. The Turquoise is a striking colour in person. Id be tempted to go for that.

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Same here - the white with the contrasting roof/boot looks so nice - hope it has tinted windows in the back

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Asked about the tints was told none and when asked if I can get them done was also told no, strange as it helps the interior keep cool but hey hey

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Well that’s a shame if no tints - it looks so much better with them - a lot of the other cars @ONTO offer seem to come with tints

I don’t mind the no tints personally - have always thought that legal tints in the UK look a bit weird - can make the car look a bit like a van.

All over even tints (illegal in the UK unless they all let in 70-75% of light) or no tints at all look best to my eyes.

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I’m looking forward to all of the reviews especially the one from @BillN comparing the ID.3 with the e-208!


I also liked the Turquoise but my wife said it would look like a girl’s car, so I went with the white. :joy:

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That’s made me lol :laughing::rofl:

I’m a bit nervous to be honest. Worried it might be a bit too clinical and dull.


All the reviews make it seem like it’ll be a fun drive - just wish they put the ID4 seats in it instead :rofl:

Looking like a fairly decent OTA update for the ID.3 is likely to be rolling out sometime soonish - so that could be good (or bad) timing for people getting one from Onto in a few weeks (given the issues some owners have had with software and previous updates).

Some German/Austrian owners have managed to install it manually ahead of the OTA rollout:


New functions ID Light (anticipatory driving, warning “take over steering wheel”, crossing lane) (example: https://drive.google.com/file/…6Y-CMYTT/view?usp=sharing )
More fluid operation (example: https://drive.google.com/file/…LSVwC5lv/view?usp=sharing )
Sending destinations is more reliable
Adaptation of the home button (flags, VW logo)
New design of the user interface
The configurable widgets (navigation view and shortcuts) have now been separated from the applications with a toggle key (example: https://drive.google.com/file/…Z7ArvlvQ/view?usp=sharing )
Voice control has gotten better
More sensible charging stops are planned
Media player now as a single menu item
Stand air conditioning is now much faster and more reliable (10 seconds to start, almost real time to stop)
Scheduled loading seems to work (first test was successful)
CarPlay is more stable
HUD: Navigation arrows are shown earlier
HUD: lane display is more precise

Neutral (no change to ID 2.1):

Web radio message still available
Furthermore no light effects (ambient lighting)
Charging stops sometimes still insufficient (especially in France)
SOC settings cannot be set during route planning (departure SOC, charging stop at SOC, arrival SOC
No selection of preferred charging providers (e.g. Ionity for long haul)
No SOC in the small display


Emergency brake assistant is more sensitive and has already warned several times (never before or only really authorized) -> only warning, no intervention


@BillN once i get my ID3 in a few weeks will just wait on any OTA, as had 2 crappy experiences on idrive 7 on a x3 and M340i, after update the x3 became an x5 and the 3 series locked out could not drive that baby anymore, bmw has to flat bed it back to the dealer keeping in mind just picked it up 2 hours earlier, it seemed to have done a self update while parked on my drive and my ICE VW experiences are no better.

I suppose potentially it may get done before we receive them if for example someone prepping the cars with the Onto kits see a notification and accepts an update.


Very interesting. Thanks for this @BillN.

I’ve swapped my ID3 order for a Peugeot e-2008.
Decided I wanted a few more extras and a bit of extra space.
It will also force me to get over my range anxiety as it will be my first EV :slight_smile:


Are you meaning boot space? As the ID.3 is larger than the e2008 for passengers.

What extras are you getting on the e2008 that you wouldn’t in the ID.3?

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Maybe Onto should do a similar thing, for new drivers on each of their car offering, a basic overview

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Yeah I think I’ve suggested a sort of really simple welcome guide sheet to them before - just left in the car along with the cards.

But a video sent out maybe a few days in advance of the delivery date would be good too.

There’s so much that could be done to make it so much slicker and to improve the customer experience.