VW ID3 Pro

I think this is basically the model we’re getting from @onto just with the steel wheels & hubs instead….

I’ve watched so many YouTube videos on this now I feel like i know it inside out already- a shame it doesn’t have speakers in the back, that’s really surprising

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I’ve not seen that bottom one yet - will check it out - but I’ve memorised those other two already :joy::joy::joy:

Yes, I’ve watched a fair few too.

After looking at all the Life models, I really don’t think there’s anything on the higher trims that I’d pay more than £20 a month more for.

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I’d pay £20 for lane following and the HUD


Agreed - was hoping for the dual zone climate and reversing camera - but honestly not a major issue for me as I’ll mostly be driving on my own.

The Lane Assist looks a bit finicky- it does steer to keep the car in its lane, but it seems to run right to the edge of the markings- putting the car right on the edge of the lane - at least in videos.

I’m definitely excited as this’ll be my first ever Onto & apart from hiring a Model 3 on a number of occasions - this’ll be my first EV too.

Ohhh forgot about the HUD :raised_hands::raised_hands:

@BillN by lane assist are you referring to the travel assist - where it basically drives for you? That looks like it works much better than lane assist, but I think the adaptive cruise control on VWs is already really good - think that’ll do me for now

Those two you mentioned and some rear speakers would be the only things I’m too bothered about but yes, no more than £20 extra.

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I would’ve liked the LED lights as I do quite a bit of driving in the evenings, but we’ll see how the standard ones are.

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I think there are a few flavours of lane assist/keeping etc.

the lane keeping comes standard on ID.3 if I remember correctly and is the system that stops you veering off into another lane. Travel assist or lane follow is usually more like self steer and keeps you in the centre of the lane.

I think Tesla pretty much use a combination of travel assist and acc with a few more bells and whistles for their “self drive” function, although I’ve not driven one so couldn’t really comment.

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The standard lights are LED too and I’ve seen reports pretty good and bright - but yes the matrix lights would have been nice. Not really an issue for me for the next few months at least though.


Yep by lane follow I mean the more advanced system that follows the road for you, rather than just assists you from not crashing. I’m torn between whether I like lane follow on cars or not because whilst it’s nice to have, if you have it you tend to use it a lot and then you can become quite lazy and disengaged when driving.


When does the ID.3 start getting delivered ?

12th July was the first day I think

(hoping any residual delivery issues might have been worked through by then!)

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It is the LIFE Pro Model that OnTo are providing, however, the vehicle page states that the cars have been upgraded to the 18" East Derry Alloys.


Yes, I’m happy about the alloys.

The Life Pro is the lower powered motor. Onto are providing the Life Pro Performance which is their fastest accelerating model.

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Yes, that’s my error. I saw it was the Performance Variant, which is great news as it’s fun to drive. Do you remember what colours they are offering?