VW ID3 Blank Infotainment and drivers screen

Hopefully, you don’t suffer this but here is the fix if you do. SCENARIO: Basically, infotainment screen kept rebooting and showing the VW logo and ‘Welcome to Volkswagon’ and then going blank for a while. Holding power did not resolve. In addition, the drivers screen went blank other than an amber warning triangle and occassional reporting of services not working. This also meant I had no speedometer. Driveline could not get the vehicle into a dealership for a minimum of 7 days, however my account manager did offer to swap out the vehicle whilst it was resolved. SOLUTION: The AA guy came out and disconnected the negative contact, behind the small battery in the front, which broke the reboot cycle. Everything has since worked fine. If this happens to you then you can either disconnect briefly the negative yourself and then reconnect and try, or wait for the AA engineer to come and do it for you. Hope this was helpful. Other than that a great little car.


So basically it was a full hard reset by disconnecting the 12v battery to the electronics.
Glad you got it sorted.

:raised_hands: Yes, correct. I was not looking forward to gauging speed on the motorway, especially through road works.

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This has happened to me on a few cars for a number of years. Even a brand new Merc.

The E208 I’m in now has done it and it was a case of switching off, out the car, locked , wait 5 mins then try again and it resets.

Even the heating controls froze the other day and had to do the same thing.

As they say in the IT Crowd, Turn it off and On Again :rofl:

life of an EV driver …

FYI, rather than waiting 5 mins, just hold the phone symbol down and it’ll force reset everything, (not factory reset)

gets you out the boot cycle