VW ID.3 High Beam Assist


I’m currently driving a 2021 Zoe GT Line and thinking of upgrading to an ID.3 so as I have heated seats and heated steering wheel for the winter. And also because the ID.3 seems to be more fun to drive based on a test drive I did the other day.

I’m trying to decide whether to get the Life Pro Performance which is available now or wait and see if a Family Pro Performance becomes available anytime soon.

I’ve looked at the differences in spec between Life and Family and the main differences seem to be the reversing camera and the keyless entry. I’ve got both of those on the Zoe but can probably live without them if I get the ID.3 Life.

But I can’t tell what the deal is with headlights. I know the Family has the fancy matrix lights. But I can’t work out if the Life has the same kind of auto dipping headlights that I have on the Zoe and on my wife’s e-2008.

Can anyone who’s got an ID.3 Life please confirm whether or not the headlights automatically dip when another car comes towards you at night and do they then switch back to full beam once the road is clear again?


Well they do….

…but I have to say, like a lot of things on the ID.3, it may have software quirks of its own :man_shrugging:

Not quite sure how good it is. I only seem to be night driving where there’s a tonne of other traffic lighting the place up or street lighting. But, with street lighting on and in a 40 limit the car didn’t register a vehicle coming out of a side road the other day….odd :flushed::face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking:

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If it were just for the heated seats and steering wheel the new Zoe GT Line+ has both :slight_smile:

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True. But I figured if I’m going to go through the hassle of swapping cars then I might as well get something different and faster at the same time. :slight_smile:

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Ok. So it’s definitely got auto dipping lights as a feature - the question mark is just over how well it works, right?

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When it comes to the ID3 with Onto, I feel as though either the life is overpriced, or the family is underpriced. The ppm is so close and I would take the family over the life any day.

No reversing camera on a ~£28k car is ridiculous.

I had an ID3 Family for 3 months on Onto. I only returned it to go on holiday and returned to a price increase. Anyway.

For me, the Matrix headlights alone are more than worth the ppm difference between the 2 models. Some might argue “well not everyone needs a reversing camera, or fancy headlights”. True, but when you’re already dropping £600+ pm for a car subscription, an extra £30 for all you get extra is way worth it IMO, and it takes me back to my original point of it feeling like one of them is priced wrong; probably the Life.

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I agree. The Life is pretty wack for the money in my IMO. Low spec vehicle. The Family is far better. The lights make all the difference when driving at night. I don’t remember the Life lights being as bright although they do dim automatically. Also the glass roof, privacy glass, better interior, better alloys, reverse camera make it a better deal all round. Couple of weeks ago I drove down to Munich through France, Belgium and Holland with lots of night driving and the ID3 Family smashed it. I believe the Matrix headlights are definitely a very good safety feature and they look cool too. Only downside from my trip was that the car alarm kept going off in Germany ….but that is another story.


I have had (and currently have) both versions of the ID3. I had the life first then after a e208 had the family model. It was in my opinion better, the little extras such as matrix headlights, glass roof etc made it worth it. My current ID3 is the life and is does feel like I have gone back to a basic car when you have had other models with the extras. Compared to Ioniq I swapped from for example. Don’t get me wrong the Life is still a great car but after trying so many others it seems VW have made some really questionable decisions compared to other manufacturers.

The headlights in the life do not have an auto function sadly… I feel like such a peasant having to do it myself now :slight_smile:

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FYI, others have said the Life does have auto dipping lights. Also, since my original post, I have spoken to a VW dealer who was selling a 2021 model Life and also found the handbook online and both confirm that the Life has auto dipping. So maybe something is broken on your one?

I agree and would almost certainly have paid the extra £30pm for the Family. However, Onto has about 3 times as many Lifes and Families and so availability on Familiy models is very limited. So I’ve gone for the Life and put myself on the waiting list for a Family for when one becomes available.


Hi @K12Beano. I’ve now got my ID3 Life and can’t figure out how to get the auto dipping lights to work. You said in your post the other day that you had got them sort of working. Can you tell me how you enable the auto dipping feature please?

Also, do any of you ID3 drivers know if/how we can get the software upgraded? Mine is on v2.3 and i gather there’s v3 available now but first you have to have upgraded to v2.4, and to get 2.4 you have to go to a dealer and get a larger 12V battery fitted at the same time. Is that something I can get done and/or get Onto to arrange?

Second question. Yes you can get it updated. There are some threads on the forum detailing the process, but you need to find a local/not so local dealer who can actually do this sooner rather than much later.

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First Q.

Yes. They’re working.

IIRC you should go into the “Vehicle” menu. Now, from the top down you’ve got “Charging” and then four other sub menus accessed from the left hand side.

I’m not in the car now, but I would make sure you go through those and - if nothing else - get familiar with what you’ve got. I seem to dive into things once in a while and then. Then immediately seem to forget what’s what!! :joy:

Providing there’s nothing in the settings, pushing and pulling in left hand steering wheel stalk should, I believe toggle you between main beam on (blue symbol instead of green) then a setting (has it got an “A” in it on the ID, or was that another car :thinking:) that you should find is the Auto setting.

It should mean dipped beam - unless no street lights, other obvious lighting and vehicles coming at you or ahead same direction. I think it only comes on if travelling above 30mph :man_shrugging: anyone else confirm.

(Brain a bit tired - just come back from a 260 mile drive in it today - it’s nowhere near as bad a car as I hint from time to time!!! Once you set a few things, you just tend to forget them and get on with the rest of it :joy::joy::joy: Audio could be better. Although I drove a fair few miles with radio or relative silence, I played an album through….getting home I got some cans out so I can listen to it properly)

Hey!! :point_up_2: If I got any of that wrong shout at me!!! I’ll go out and have a proper look in the morning!! :grinning:

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Thanks, @K12Beano. I’ve been through all the sub menus in the Vehicle section but there’s nothing in there about high beam assist. Also nothing about dynamic cornering lights - which the VW dealer told me the Life had got.

Are you on a later software version than me? Would that make a difference to the above perhaps?

So it may just be the stalk controls.

Dynamic cornering lights is news to me. Mine does not have anything like that….

Cornering lights are probably just like other vehicles, they come on when you turn the steering wheel and it senses left or right movement.
I guess some might call that dynamic.
I think they are a great feature which allows you to see round corners better.

Latest manual is here… just enter reg or vin.

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This sounds like the Matrix headlights to me, which the life does not have.