VW e-up Up and Away!

The VW e-up is no longer featured on the “Our Electric Cars” page. Looks like they are not now available to new customers. I believe they were 2020 models, so must be due for de-fleeting. With the long lead times on new EVs, they may not be replaced until the new ID.2 is available.

If this is the case, the Zoe S Edition is the entry level EV, at £489 a month. It’s a shame that there’s now nothing cheaper. To think that back in February 2019, I got a Zoe ZE40 for only £289 a month, £200 cheaper than the current least expensive vehicle on offer.


I was thinking recently about potentially swapping my Ioniq for an e-Up! Just to cut down on costs as £499 is a lot of money for a car.

Well that option is gone and the Zoe isn’t much cheaper. Plus I imagine the Ioniq will be de-fleeted within 18-months.

Definitely need more sub-£400 cars but with current supply issues and rising charging costs, I can’t imagine many options.

I think the best I can hope for is the MG5 one day comes to ONTO at or slightly below the Ioniq in cost (depending how much the facelift version retails for when launched)


I was planning on doing the same thing when my e-208 comes up for an R & R Swap, which it just has. So I’m going for a like-for-like at the moment. The GT Line is £449 atm, but will go up to £499 in August. So the cheapest car on the fleet will only undercut that by a tenner. When there are no more GT Lines available, I’ll probably go for a Zoe GT Edition at the same price. I’ll try and keep going until the R5 arrives, which hopefully will be cheaper than the Zoe but in the present climate, who knows.


If ONTO take the Ioniq then going for the Zoe at £499 is my only choice. Rather drive a car with the name Zoe on the back than pay an extra £50 for the Corsa-e

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Staying with Yellow or trying a new colour?:older_man:

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Well they’d already allocated yellow, so didn’t have a choice! Whether that was coincidence or they somehow know that is my preferred colour, I’m not sure. Won’t look like a different car to anyone else, although there’s a possibility that it could have the green band on the number plates. So no more EV stealth mode!


Showing up again. Sort of lol

This is terrible news. :disappointed: Most places you can’t find anything under £500 these days.

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I think my e-Up have been manufactured in Nov 2021- so I will assumed there will hold stock for 18-24 months at least until new e-up next year will arrived? And offer to swap like for like ?

Unlikely. Onto can, and do recall cars earlier than the 24 month/24k mile limit if it makes financial sense. Especially when it’s a model that’s been removed from the fleet.

The fact that it’s no longer in the fleet, and they stopped restocking it many months ago suggests they aren’t likely to bring it back unless they can do a really good deal with VW.

It’s not likely to happen, but they could call you tomorrow and say they are removing your car from the fleet. They’d waive the swap fee, and maybe give a temporary discount if you’re lucky, but otherwise you’d have to pick another model in the fleet at that price. So the next cheapest models would be the Zoe from £489 or Ioniq at £499.

A 30-Day contract not only gives you the flexibility to swap or leave whenever you feel like it, but it also gives Onto the flexibility to withdraw your car with short notice and push you towards something else if that’s the only option too.


That’s didn’t seems to be a good deal :confused: if someone paying now £379, there simply may not afford to pay £499… and there probably will need more then few day to organise alternative elsewhere.

Anyone tried to buy recalled car from onto?

Yes, I asked CS when my Zoe was Refreshed last year and they put you in contact with the third party organising its sale.I was quoted a promising deal but did not proceed as the Euro N Cap results put me off owning at the time.:older_man:


This Post link should help.


Just not sure if I will want to buy e-up… may only one problem is there is not sat nav there and u have to use your phone. I guess we will see when onto will recall car and what discount will offered me to take more expensive car … but discount is temporary for few months or pernament?

You’d get £50 off for 3 months at best if you’re lucky. Not everyone even gets offered that anymore. The only thing you can be certain of is the free swap.

Not having sat nav isn’t a problem. Using your phone is typically the better solution due to the fact that it’s always up to date, has accurate mapping information and live traffic data.


Well I don’t like that in e-up will prefer proper screen with sat nav just personal preferences I guess 🤷

Does the e-Up not have Android Auto/Apple Car Play? That would be quite a big deal breaker for me.

Do hope ONTO brings in another vehicle at around the £400 mark

There is no integrated screen with sat nav - only there is stand which allowed u to mount your phone - to be honest I hate it.

Yeah that doesn’t sound great. I’ve only been in an Up! Once. I thought it had a small screen but was an afterthought and you have to clip it onto the dash as I remember finding it funny and unlike VW to have that sort of solution

well that’s probably why eup cost £379 and zoe £499.