VW e-Up suddenly shuts down

VW e-Up 2021 model shut down twice while on the move. Rather dangerous - thankfully I was not on the motorway! Took a few minutes to get it started again. It’s now with VW garage under investigation. Anyone out there faced the same/similar problem?

Afternoon @Sam , that sound’s worrying. Pleased to hear it is now with VW , I assume this was organised via Driverline?

Please let us know if there’s anything else we can help with.



Sounds scary! Let us know what they said it was.

Or a “Smart motorway” in lane 2/3/4!

I’ve no idea how much warning it gave you, but as someone who does 90% of my mileage up and down the local smart motorway, it is quite nerve wrecking.

I actually like the smart motorway setup, the smart tech, but the “not so smart” drivers are always the downfall and unfortunately, like a bad workman blaming their tools, the road gets the blame. I’d hate to be stranded in the middle of it, even with the warning signs, I see too many people just ignore them!

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