VW E-UP, not working with instavolt

Off the back of this post: Ongoing Breakdown experience... CATASTROPHICALLY AWFUL!

Just a quick heads up to everyone and to see if anyone else is having this issue…

I’ve had 2 separate e-ups and tried 5 different instavolt chargers in different areas and have spoken to instavolt whom state there is an issue being able to charge e-ups on their network.

Vehicle works fine on other networks, but I’m going to have to swap as for my case the instavolts are all around me and work perfect.

I’ll try a Zoe as the next cheapest.


I had the Zoe and I think you’ll find its night and day, not only in range but even the lower model (Iconic) feels much more solid than the e-up, for the extra £10 per month I’d choose the GT Line if its available.

You’ll have to report back on your feelings of both.

Will do :+1:t2:

Overall, I think the e-up is actually a pretty solid car for what you’re getting!

But I cant do without the instavolt networking ability, it screws around with life too much, as an example, there’s an instavolt at my gym so when I go to train (6 days a week) I’m always able to plug it in to top-up… it’s a no brainer for being able to use it

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No, I understand! I’m not sure I could be with ONTO without Instavolt, their network reach is impressive and overall they are pretty reliable, my charging is pretty much exclusively Instavolt (90%)

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High time VW and Instavolt sorted a solution out and implemented it.

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I have an e-Up and after a Zoe I can confirm charging on (fast) chargers is a nightmare!!! I have used Instavolt many times, but you need to try 2-3 times before it works. Generally if you just plug it in (like you’d do with a Zoe) it won’t work. You need to switch the car off. Then put the ignition on, then connect the car to the charger, once it’s started charging wait a minute or two then you can switch off the car and leave it on charge.

Same experience with Geniepoint as well…


Great post @PeteRR, not many e-up users on here so v helpful. Yet when I use my bank credit mastercard it works first time. Question: is it the instavolt onto card that’s duff or is it instavolt itself?

Sounds like you have discovered a method that works. Great stuff. Should help those trying to use Instavolt. Will flag @Raheel_at_Onto as this info could well be key to VW/Instavolt resolving the issue.

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Although it’s not ideal, I’ll give this a go and see if I can get it to work consistently doing this. I could do with sticking with the lower monthly payments for the short term.

If you do your method does it work consistently?

And when you say turn the ignition, are you turning the car on fully or just turning the key half way?

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If you do your method does it work consistently?

Yes, have done multiple trips from Mcr to London using Instavolt both ways (stopped twice to charge vs once with the Zoe).

Locally used the newer and the older Instavolt chargers as well.

are you turning the car on fully or just turning the key half way?

That depends. If I wanna leave the car to charge on its own then I just turn the key halfway, or if I plan on sitting in the car with the heating running then I fully turn the car on before starting the charge (tried starting the heating from the app before and it cut off the charging…)


I’ve had this email from instavolt…

Good afternoon

Many thanks for contacting us regarding your vehicle and the attempted sessions at our Burney station, we are very sorry to hear these weren’t successful.

We are currently looking into this issue with our hardware supplier as it would appear that in a small number of cases, there is a communication issue with this type of vehicle and some of our stations. Whilst all of our stations
are manufactured to the same specification and protocols, each type of vehicle communicates in a unique way and this vehicle is causing the station to cease the session before the charging has begun.

We have 3 styles of charger across our network at present and have only seen this issue on a small number of a particular style of charger, however, this obviously isn’t a situation that is acceptable and as such this is now being
looked into as a matter of urgency.

We would very much like you to continue using our network and if you can provide us with your location we will provide you with the locations of our chargers in your locality, or those near to where you may be travelling, which are
our other type of chargers where this issue shouldn’t occur.

As mentioned above this situation is being looked into and being escalated through our hardware supplier and we are confident of having a resolution in the very near future.

Once again apologies on any inconvenience caused and if you have any further queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards,


Excellent - a firm that cares! :+1:t3:

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Sometimes :wink: I got this vaguely unhelpful reply from them to a recent query regarding the disappearance of some very useful chargers.

In fairness though, the disappearance is probably out of their control and the lack of any certainty is likely caused by third party incompetence (i.e. the council).

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InstaVolt is working perfectly on my VW e-up! I didn’t have any problem with it. I used 5 different Instavolt locations all worked the first time, fast and had no problems :+1:t3: it is my favourite charging station.


What plate and how many miles are you on?

I got it in December 2021.
2000 miles.
Maybe Volkswagen fixed the problem with newer models.

I am a bit doubtful of that. Got mine in Nov 2021. 71 plate with delivery miles only, and falied to charge on Instavolt until I came across the above method.

GF71 plate with delivery miles only. Reg date 09/12/21. I used 2000 miles. Osprey and GeniePoint work perfectly also. But my BP pulse card is not working every location say invalid card.
I use InstaVolt, Shell Recharge card and PodPoint free charges. I couldn’t use BP pulse even once.

Sad thing is it’s probably not even a faulty card. Their chargers really are just that unreliable.


Would be good if that is the case. Think we need some subscribers to provide details of this issue with newer cars to see if that is the case. If so then there should be an upgrade (software) for older cars. VW have had a number of charging issues, so it’s possible it’s fixed now.

Might be worth contacting VW to see if any updates are available for charging modules that need doing by dealership by those that are having issues.