VW e-Up brake thud

Has anyone experienced a thumping sound when pressing the brake while reversing in any electric VW? My e-Up has done it from day one and it’s rather annoying…

Is it a thud that happens at extremely low speeds and the car stops? If so, does it have auto hold (and is it enabled?)

That’s what the ID.3 does; the first few times it was jarring but once I got used to it it didn’t bother me so much, and there’s always the option of turning it off if so.

yes mine same few design faults to go with the car its going back at new year problems holding charge in regen 4 knocking sound when going over speed humps do I go on?

@Tyson it only happens as I brake while reversing, can’t say I’ve noticed while braking going forward. No auto hold as it’s a manual handbrake lever

@ianp123 mine knocks over bumps too, driver side more noticeable, glad it’s not just me but I dread finding out the waiting times for a dealer booking…

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I was given 14jan so decided to give car back to many issues