Volvo XC40 Recharge Pure Electric. Now available on subscription

Not surprising to see Volvo now offer a subscription service, as they are owned by Geely.
Not cheap £999 a month, 3 months minimum. Says 30 day trial period, so looks like no exit fee for one month if it doesn’t suit.

Worth noting that insurance is not included (apart from during the 30 day trial period) If you keep the vehicle beyond first month, then you have to give three months notice to swap car or hand it back. Does appear though that vehicles are always brand new.

Put aside the vehicle availability and choice issues, and ONTO still provide a better value service than any other car subscription company so far.

Estimated delivery date of the Volvo EV is May 2021. Who knows, ONTO may have some other vehicles apart from Zoe by then :wink:

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Fully agree, still the best value service, just need to get the other issues sorted once and for all.

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One of main things Onto still offer that other subscription services like Pivotal and this don’t is the free charging. Personally I can’t charge at home right now so the Polar card is like gold dust!

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This is such a variable benefit, though, depending on where you live and whether there are polar/CYC charge points nearby. I’m still mourning the fact that my local council is getting rid of the CYC network and replacing it with another provider :sob:

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Very true. Right now I’ve 2 fairly quiet rapid chargers within a 7 mile drive of the house. Nice country roads so it’s takes no time at all to get to them. Obviously I lose 14 ish miles of range just to charge but considering I can get 95% in no time at all I’ll take it till I can get a home charger set up.

I wouldn’t let that be a deal breaker. I’ve barely used the Polar card due to their network being frankly terrible especially in my area and not worth trying to deal with for the sake of a free charge. My charging is done wherever is convenient at my own expense, and it really doesn’t cost me much.

Have to agree. For a lot of people it will be the case. But if you are city bound then it’s probably a massive benefit. For me it was a lengthy road trip to my local polar, albeit a lovely location and just such a time waster. Having a home charger is so, so, much more convenient. And if you switch to Octopus Go or Agile very cheap. We are on Agile and halved our costs just by switching. Of course we are now charging up an i-pace from solar and Grid, but even grid costs are just circa 6 to 8p kWh so only around £2.75 to half fill the black cat.

I agree, almost all my charging has been on the Polar charger thoughtfully installed by my employer, in fact my car is plugged in right now. The only exception was when I had the Zoe that didn’t like that charger.