Volkswagen is joining the family... Meet the e-up!

Hey all!

As some of you already know :wink: we have we got some great news for you:

The Volkswagen e-up! is now a proud member of our ever-growing fleet!

If the name sounds familiar we wouldn’t blame you, this charming little car is the all-electric version of the Volkswagen Up! (arguably one of the best city cars on the market.) So with that kind of pedigree, you can rest assured this will get you from A to B as smooth as possible.

So what’s included in this neat little package?

We’re talking heated seats, we’re talking ample storage space and we’re talking a lovely electric range of 125 miles to guarantee peace of mind while you’re on the road. Still not convinced? There’s also a rear view camera, cruise control and a phenomenal regenerative system which will allow you to drive with one pedal and top up your battery!

It’s available to book now for delivery by mid-June for just £339 per month! For more information about the e-up visit our website here.

P.S For some this may not have been the Volkswagen you were waiting for… However, for those ID3 enthusiasts out there you’ll be happy to know it will be available to book soon for delivery in early July! Stay tuned for another announcement.


That’s a really great price range it’s going to be popular!


Had to replace the Ze40 with something decent. Good option, I’ll be getting the ID3 though. Which I’m sure will be heavily over subscribed too.
Do we have a idea of what spec the ID3 will be yet @Lily_at_Onto?

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ID3 delivery in early july, but when will it be announced?

Surely it just has been announced? But will be on the website in June I think…

Does that mean no ID4? I was looking forward to something with a bit more space than the Kona :broken_heart:


Price and trim/specs I mean.

Saying iD3 is not much without knowing if 45/58/77 kWh, trim, charging capabilities, extras etc

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I’d love the 77kwh AWD version but I doubt they’ll get that one :frowning: would be the only one I’d consider swapping the e-208 GT for. Fingers crossed they get the top spec though!

Me too.

Could do with the boot space of the ID4

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We’ll do the official ID3 announcement with all the info and specs soon :slight_smile:


@Lily_at_Onto could you at least confirm if there will be a single model of the ID.3 offered, or more than one?


@ Lily_at_Onto hopefully that ID3 will have an older and larger brother coming too :wink:

well looks like no larger cars for the forceable future then,as the id3 will be for july i cant see them adding any now cars now till later in year

@Slimtrader10 kind of looks that way, that ID3 hopefully will have a nice specification and cost. Will be keeping my kona even with the love hate relationship we have.

It’s a shame. If they got a few larger vehicles, I’m sure they would be very popular.

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Does it have CCS fast charging?

Guessing it’s gonna be a mad dash for the ID3 as soon as they drop the info. Be as hard to get as a PS5 right now :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
Good luck everyone who’s in for one!

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Yes, but not so fast. You’re only looking at around 30-35kW.
AC Charging is limited to 3kW on single phase too.

I thought I started a thread to give information on the e-Up, but I can’t find it now. I linked to a video showing the e-Up charging speed, amongst other things.

Anyone know where the thread has gone? I’m sure I’m not imagining it :thinking:

@BillN back me e-Up here, you commented on how well you thought it was specced didn’t you?

I’ve heard this. I’ve got a 3 phase 22kW charging point at the top of my road. Am I right in saying that the e-Up would charge at 7kW? Do VW supply the correct cable with the car?