Vehicle hire

Shouldnt do it any lasting harm, it will be best to just slow charge up on AC and I expect thats what will happen, but even if its DC rapid charged its unlikely to cause any issues and none that are going to affect your period of custodianship of the Onto vehicle.


How did they do that, by using it?

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And I guess it would be interesting to know what was the soc % when you left it with them?

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It was on about 32% when it went in. I’m guessing they just ran the heater to take as much power out of the battery as possible - maybe a “safety procedure” to remove as much potential energy from the car as possible before working on it, but I’m only guessing!

Im afraid its still just as lethal at low soc as a high soc, as its the voltage and current capabilty available.
Maybe they have been doing some tests with the car turned on, but even so loosing ~30% is some loss. If it had V2L then they could have been using it to cook xmas diner :slight_smile:


They forgot to mention the possibility at all for us, not even remotely, they only told us that if it’s up to them, it can take 3-4 weeks to get a replacement or who knows how long.

Anyways, we got the car back just now, according to the service they “repaired” it today, which means that they replaced the 12V battery. I hope we will not find the car bricked again in the near future. :crossed_fingers:

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Get one of these and keep it in the car, at least it will jump start it and get you home.



Best purchase during the last couple of years when ICE car was used so infrequently and I killed its 12V battery was a portable boost - great value for money these days and can recharge other electronic devices too…

Apparently my car is ready for collection, pending final inspection. However, there is a slight problem…

I took all loose items out of the car including the charging cables to ensure nothing went missing whilst it was out of my care, but it seems they don’t have any charging facilities there :sweat_smile:

Hopefully they’ll come up with something, otherwise I’ll have to see if I can coordinate getting the granny cable over to them!


They should have their own charger and if it doesnt have a tethered connector, then they will have cables to charge. If a garage is fixing EVs then they have to have the tools with which to repair it :slight_smile:

And if they dont, they need to go out and buy them now :wink:


What’s that sound? :shushing_face::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It’s pounding hooves, isn’t it… men in stetson hats wielding colts… :man_shrugging:t2:

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It does strike me as slightly odd that a repair shop which is clearly authorised to work on EVs and whose practice appears to be to flatten the battery as part of the process, wouldn’t have any means of charging the vehicle back up again :slight_smile:

Still, everybody there has been genuinely delightful and helpful which counts for a lot!


That in itself does make a magnitude of difference and means they are likely to listen to you when you kindly hint that shouldnt they have charging capability :wink:


ONTO eC4 Complete mechanical failure of a new vehicle after 1600 miles. Recovered by RAC who supposedly arrange car hire. Unfortunately, the hire company (Enterprise) then called me to say ‘nothing available for 24-48 hours’. Well that timescale went out the window, obviously RAC don’t check to see if a car is actually available and the result is that I’m still without transport 5 days after the breakdown. ONTO have been less than helpful, and I’m fed up of having to do all the chasing to attempt a resolution. I am very close to terminating the agreement and will do so if nothing positive happens when I call ONTO on Monday


National/International shortage of vehicles is the norm at present, but you do expect to get a replacement the same day from somewhere. Trust you get sorted on Monday. :crossed_fingers:

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This experience seems to be coming up more and more often. Obviously views expressed on a forum, while being true, don’t necessarily give an idea of how widespread the issue is.

If an issue is widespread, it needs to be quickly resolved. If not, then there should be enough money available to throw at it and pull out all the stops to smooth things over when the rare occasion happens.

How can someone subscribe to a service like ONTO who have a fleet of 3000+ vehicles and find themselves without transportation for 5 days? Why should they have to do all the running around? What exactly is the role of Driverline and ONTO CS here?

Now that ONTO have got to this size, there is no excuse for not having enough spare vehicles or a big enough influence over manufacturers and their breakdown and car hire partners to avoid this situation happening. If it is such a rare occurrence and not typical of the experience most have when their vehicle unexpectedly breaks down, surely there should be a pot of money that could be quickly accessed to avoid what has happened to @shotblaster. That must be better and cheaper than having to reimburse taxi, train and fuel costs after the event.

And this issue of only being able to claim reimbursement for up to 33 miles a day. People’s mileage usage just isn’t like that in real life. If subscribers have to claim such things, it’s because their ONTO vehicle has let them down and already caused much inconvenience. To then be less than generous in allowing 33 miles a day when you just happened to have a longer trip planned is really rubbing salt into the wound. Is someone really going to purposely and unnecessary drive around so that they can claim more expenses from ONTO. I really think we need a reply from @Rob_at_Onto on this issue. I appreciate he’s very busy, but this issue is at risk of escalating and causing much brand damage, which would be such a shame.

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@E7EV @shotblaster
Not being funny but if that was me, I’d have cancelled already and asked for my months money back due to failure of contract on the side of ONTO. If a company claims to include “everything” ie: maintenance in this case then I would expect said issue as Shotblaster is experiencing would be sorted pronto. I would assume that the shortage of vehicles is irrelevant in this situation as I know as well as most people there ARE cars available in this world which are rental or otherwise. Irrespective of whether or not they are electric. I cannot see a reason why, if driverline, are this appalling they haven’t been given the nudge. My experience has been less than satisfactory and in most cases avoid using driverline - preparing to arguing my case due to poor waiting times and just generally unhelpful situation resolution. I have always said if my wheel is flat I’m going to quick fit and get it sorted in less than a hour. If my window gets smashed, I’m going to get Autoglass to replace it. Some users have said it’s taken them days for a replacement tyre or window. To me, that’s just unacceptable. I’d rather argue my point to ONTO, and suffer the consequences after due to the nature of the issue it’s not good enough waiting 3+ days for either especially when most on ONTO are using the car daily for more than 30+ miles a day.
I find it ridiculous that a company that can’t book in a investigation check for 2 months across the whole of London, yet I go to my local dealer (1mile away) myself and within 15 minutes I’ve got the answer and I now feel safe that I’m not causing damage to the car - which I would be liable for - if i continue to drive given there was a issue. To rub salt in the wound even more they said they could fix the car if the advice given didn’t work with 2 days notice. 2 DAYS! So it brings me and I’m sure others to the question - what do driverline actually bring to the subscriber, I’ve had very little dealings with them, but that would be annoyance, boredom, grief and stress……
@shotblaster your more calm than me it would seem, I personally wouldn’t have it after 1 day. Simply put if it isn’t fixed in 24hrs given the nature of your issue - the service isn’t fit for purpose and your at liberty to cancel due to the inability to fix the issue in a timely manner.


It’s far from having been a seamless experience so far, and I was on the verge of cancelling. Even more annoying to be told on 2 occasions that a call back with an update would be forthcoming, yet no call received! This is appalling service, and only serves to further undermine the integrity of ONTO. However, a guy from the escalation part of customer services has contacted me first thing this morning and was very apologetic in the delay in resolving this issue. A like for like replacement vehicle is being delivered soon (email confirmation of delivery also received)
Not a good experience and shows the weakness in ONTO support. I would caution any potential customer to think twice about signing up. It’s fine when everything is working but when you need support - you’re on your own!
There now only remains the issue of negotiating some compensation for days lost. I’ll let you know how that goes!


So my point stands. Vehicles DO exist. :joy::joy::joy:
Like for like replacement. Impressive :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:
Hope that goes smoothly for you @shotblaster let us know how it all turns out!


Did they say when you’re getting the replacement? The reason I’m asking is that my eC4 goes back on Monday 17th. Black colour.