Vehicle hire

Hi my tesla is now with tesla and have been made aware today that it’s going to be after the new year before they can do anything so therefor a Hire car for me to go about in will now go to enterprise.

My question is will the car be a good standard as the tesla as I’m paying alot of money for that, I also understand if it’s petrol I’ll be reimbursed for the mileage at a cost of 14p per mile but will I need to pay a deposit to the rental company for this courtesy car whilst mines is away as I think this would be unfair.

Anyone had anything like this before?

I’m currently on the fone to them just now but on hold lol

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Who’s arranging this? Tesla or Onto?

If it’s Tesla then they’re known to do all kinds of weirdness with transport during servicing or repairs. Some people get no car at all and get fobbed off with an Uber voucher for something like £50 per day. Others get given a Tesla. And some get sent off to Enterprise where they generally end up with a class a vehicle (Hyundai i10, Toyota Aygo etc.) or if you stamp your feet might get a compact car like a Ford Focus, Vauxhall Astra, Hyundai Ioniq etc.

If it’s being arranged by Onto then you need to negotiate with them and see what they are prepared to fund the rental of. Even then though I suspect your chances of them paying for a luxury elite electric class (Tesla Model S or Jaguar I pace) from enterprise aren’t very high.

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A car has now been booked by enterprise, the type just says SM PREM/AUTO.

just need to wait and see what we get.

This has been arranged through tesla.

@Lanie85 Enterprise website suggests that their small premium cars are Mercedes C class or similar

Yeah it’s a Mercedes qere getting tomorrow.

Anyone know how we get a copy of the insurance as enterprise need this.

You need to call Driverline who will email you a copy. Just beware that the certificate is very vague and some companies don’t like it. I know a few people have ended up having to pay for insurance with courtesy cars, although it should, theoretically be acceptable

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In a replacement car since the 6th of December. Our Ioniq, 2 months old, dead as a brick, taken to local dealership’s service by AA and they arranged the hire car with Hyundai. Onto informed that if they have to arrange a replacement car, it would take about a month but I was lucky.
Ioniq’s fault is with the 12V battery but unfortunately I haven’t got any updates when the car will be back since. AA told on site that battery clearly dead so they just replace it and in two days the car will be back. LOL
Hire car is an MG HS, lucky to get 20-25 mpg so spending more than twice as much on fuel what Onto will reimburse. Only other option available was an L200 crew cab or no car at all. :smile:
Onto app not working since delivery. Bluelink stopped working until suddenly restarted sending alerts for hood open and car not locked, just for fun at 1 am on the 24th. After 2 days no connection again.

@ZWA Think you need to call Onto and get them to chase the dealership pronto as if its just the 12V battery failed it should be sorted very quickly and you shoud have had it back by now. Maybe its got other faults. Have you called the dealership? Unfortunately these days very few garage office staff are on the ball and provide timely updates, you need to keep hassling them.

Chasing Onto VOR Team constantly, no luck. Onto Vehicle Off Road Team is chasing the service, no luck. Calling dealership directly, most I can get from them is the car is there, but can’t get any info from the service dept. I received two texts from them, makes not much sense, latest is from this Tuesday “Your vehicle … is booked in to service on 30/12/2021 If you have any questions please contact the service team on …” They have the car since the 5th.

Sounds like the dealer is giving everyone the run around, as unfortunately OntO are at the mercy of them…

Hope you get it sorted soon :slight_smile:


Sounds like they have sat on it for a month and done nothing. :man_facepalming:
Trust they get it sorted soon and you are back in the car very early in the New Year.

If you ever have to use a hyundai dealership again, use a different one or at least see if anyone can recommend one that is nearby with good service skills for EV’s.

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They sent the same text on the 11th, booked for the 13th. Nothing happened.
Initially the hire company told that the car is for two days, and the dealership has to notify them if it will be longer. :smile: The paperwork came with the car is dated until the 3rd of January, but optimistic 2022 and not pessimistic (realistic? :smile: ) 2023. I have serious doubts that they will manage to get the car repaired in the next couple of days.
According to the reimbursement figure for fuel, I lost a lot on that already. Added a bolt-on for mileage to cover travel during the holidays, I think in the daily maximum 33 miles they count it will be ignored. And I have no idea if they even have a policy to adjust actual mileage on subscription properly. We will see next year. Or the next. :smile:

If you’re in a hire car, surely if you submit your fuel receipts to Onto they should cover this? Isn’t that what they’ve done in the past?

I thought so too. But the official is (came in email after several queries as I was unable to find any info on the website, maybe my bad):

“Onto is happy to credit your Onto account to the value of any fuel receipts you can provide - up to a maximum of 0.14p x 33 miles per the number of days the courtesy car is used.”

That’s less than half of the actual consumption of the car. So on our monthly mileage we lose at least £150 (after reimbursement). I think you must be lucky to get a family car doing 50+ mpg in the winter unless it’s a hybrid, there is hardly any at hire companies.

I can’t remember the last time I hired an automatic car in the UK and got a non-hybrid/EV from them. Literally years now. With the companies I deal with it seems that almost all their automatic vehicles are hybrid these days.

That’s a fairly sucky policy. They do know that not everyone does exactly the same drive every single day, right? For example, my driving is inter-spliced with 200 mile round trips and then two mile round trips to the shops.

It’s really unfair/not right you’re out of pocket.

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It’s based on the 1000 miles per month divided by 30 days so 33 miles (33.3 recurring to be exact)

I agree it should be up to your monthly allowance, but most people only have the courtesy car for a couple of days…

The selection was (for the next day and the rest of the week on Monday) an L200 (delivered only on Tuesday) and the MG HS manual petrol (delivered after hours for extra). Getting an automatic was out of question completely, it’s just fortunate that manual is not a problem with a DL 20+ years on.
I thought that it’s obvious for hire companies to get the latest tech, but nothing is granted lately.
Still it’s better compared to having a car off the road for almost a month now with no replacement, especially during December. But I never thought it will take that long already and who knows what’s ahead?

I understood that if a vehicle was away for more than 7 days for repairs, ONTO would swap you into another vehicle.

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Well I’ve been without my lovely ID.3 since the 6th December but it’s not ONTO’s fault - just the delays caused by Zurich and the limited capacity of FMG. Plus the Christmas break which has put everything on hold.

I do question the fact that FMG flattened the battery to 3% in the week before Christmas and it’s sat like that ever since. I’ve done my best to treat the battery as I would on my own car so it’s a bit annoying to see it sitting at bare minimum in near-freezing conditions for a couple of weeks.

But if there’s a positive to be taken, it’s that the long-term use of a manual 1.2 Corsa has convinced me that I’ll never go back to an ICE again; especially not a manual.

I think the Corsa E would probably be a reasonable car to drive in terms of its dynamics if it’s anything like the ICE version I’ve been in, but I’d still choose the Peugeot 208 instead.