Vehicle Colour Changed!

Hi Everyone.

So I ordered a 208 GT Line in ‘Faro Yellow’.

This delivery was delayed due to quality issues. A week later- I’m now being given a ‘Cumulus Gray’ version of the car- a colour which I do not like!

Firstly, why isn’t Onto calling up its customers to confirm a colour swap may occur? Additionally, they have made an assumption that customers would accept the updated colour of the vehicle (!)… this hasn’t been the greatest on-boarding experience as a new customer at all.


I’d say best bet is to get in contact with them directly to explain your concerns and understand how quickly they can resolve them.


Definitely get in touch with them about it. They will hopefully be able to keep an eye on returns and cancellations in your area and get you swapped into a different color as and when one becomes available. I guess in their eyes a car of a different color is better than no car at all - And I think I would personally agree with that. I’d rather be driving around in a fluorescent pink car with green spots than not having any transport if they were my only two options!

There was originally a time where you didn’t get a choice of color at all with Onto (or Evezy as it was known back then). Generally the setup today is considered an improvement but on the rare occasion that they have to make a last minute swap it’s going to cause disappointment as it has with you.

If you can give them a call today during office hours, and press the option to say you’re a new customer it will put you directly through to Onto staff themselves rather than their outsourced fleet support team. Hopefully they will be able to sort something out for you.


I get my first Onto car this Wednesday if all goes to schedule. But the very fact that my account says ‘colour to be assigned on 7th July’ so that tells me that colours are subject to change. I wish mine would chance to Surfy Blue :upside_down_face:

What colour did you book?

In my case you have to use the word “book” or “pick” very, very loosely as there was only 1 colour in the drop-down for my postcode :sob:

I ended up with Galactic Grey by default.

Ah. So you’re hoping for a lucky change!

Absolutely, but I’m not worried either way as long as it doesn’t end up red which is the only Kona colour I don’t like. Surfy Blue is the nicest.

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It was the Faro Yellow. Now they’re delivering cumulus Grey (which looks like silver)… my partner & I dislike silver with a passion ‘but’ willing to accept it for the E-208 experience.

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Yeah, for my first EV Experience I wasn’t really fussed about the colour, just more hopeful of getting what I wanted. Would have been nice to have more than a single colour choice though. Having the car for our road trip was more important.

So it’s not jut me who got the wrong colour…I wanted Titanium Grey - I was told I have to wait longer for that. I said no problem. Then delivery was delayed 2 more weeks from the original agreed time. Then I received a Highland Grey. Difference is night and day with the 2 colours… Was not happy to say the least. :frowning:

I had the same experience. I ordered (and had confirmed on the morning of delivery) a Pearlescent White 208. I received a Grey (sorry, don’t know the name of it) and no explanation prior to delivery.

The driver, who was very helpful, said that he questioned if it was the right car, and was told “just take it”

I have been in touch via web chat and assured that my issues would be looked and and the correct vehicle delivered.

The car I did order, is still showing on my account, still at the depot and still shows 1000 miles.

I bet I don’t get any contact in relation to my issues, unless I escalate.

The car was also dirty inside (oil marks on the passenger seat) and stinks of smoke which someone has tried to mask with several air fresheners.

Beats me how, regardless of the terms and conditions, anybody could be so selfish as to smoke in somebody else’s property in this day and age.

When I ordered my Zoe, I think I assumed the colour selector was a “best effort” so I didn’t really pay too much attention. I assumed the chance of them having a selection of seven(?) colours sitting around in my nearest delivery hub waiting for subscribers was pretty unlikely, so I was actually quite surprised when I received my chosen colour.

But I’ve never been the first owner of a car in my life so, for me, colour has always come second to pretty much every other specification.

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My second Zoe ZE40 smelt like it had been smoked in. I mentioned it to ONTO, and they offered to pay to have it valeted inside. As I was due to swap it for a ZE50, I put up with it for a couple of months. Worth mentioning it, as you may be offered the same thing. I think according to the Ts & Cs there is a charge to cover extra cleaning if you do smoke in a vehicle.


Grey is by far the best colour. I’m sure you’ll like it! Looks good in day and even better at night. I wasn’t sure when booked it but now I’ve seen most of the other colours on the road it really does stand out as the best option. :heart_eyes: