Vauxhall Mokka

So, I have had my Kona for over a year now and it has nearly 17k on it which means it will likely be up for retirement shortly

My wife has the ID.3 so don’t want a car the same so looking at the Mokka

I know the range will be significantly lower than I’m used to but I do like the look of them, especially in green to my wife’s disgust

Does anyone know if these cars are on a 22 plate and would you recommend one

Thanks fir any feedback

Pretty sure they are all 22 plate cars as they only became available March/April time.


Green! Green!! GREEN!! GO GREEN!!

Ahem - excuse me, it’s probably just the heat…

I was on an online chat last week. I gather that two batches have finally gone in and gone out. They are all 22s as far as I know. There are now more batches due - including GREEN - how do you know, I hear you ask……. Well get in the queue - I’m actually bravely weaning myself off a Kona - if the next batch of Mokkies are late I wouldn’t shed any tears mind. I know it’ll be hard to replace the Kona, especially in Ultimate trim.

I drove three Stellantis rashes at Farnborough in May. They were all a bit more impressive than I might have imagined. I’m hoping to find the Mokky is a slightly more driver-oriented car than the South Koreans (having also test driven an Ioniq5 I now know that Hyundai can do something quite spectacularly nice, absolutely miles ahead of anything else - the Nissan Arseeya included.

I think you would be wise, @GaRic448 , if you transition in the Summer months and we’ll see how we get on. (Can always take shelter in swapping to a Zoe, if the Mokky is that bad.)

The three Stellantis Rashes have remarkably different personalities too. I was torn about whether to go Citroen, myself. I know Mrs Beano would probably prefer it, and I’m curious about whether I could be content with it for more than 50 minutes. I’m a bit more confident about the fox-hole.

I have the advantage of both having sat in one, and driven one - I really liked the bonnet-view, as strange as that sounds - have you done either yet? regardless, I’d say JFDI - what’s the worst that could happen?

Great reply, thanks

I haven’t sat in one yet. Was thinking of taking a look in the Vauxhall showroom over the weekend

Their is a green one on my estate which always catches my eye

I sat in the Ionic 5 and it was a fantastic place to be, but I’m not convinced about the exterior. The Kia EV6 is much better looking


I have a mokka being delivered tge 29th my next car to review


Where(who) do you review cars? As I find it hard to find people from on YouTube! Search seems really bad!

Do a search for … mrhonestev


My citroen ec4 reviews will be up this week

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