Vauxhall Mokka E


Do you know if Onto will offer the new Mokka E ?

Without our replies being pure speculation and guessing, the answer is no I’m afraid.

Onto don’t really give any hints or clues regarding upcoming releases. They will only announce a car when the deals are done and the cars are ready to join the fleet for near-immediate delivery.

So far, there are no Vauxhall cars at all. That does make it a little less likely. But nothing is impossible.

Is there something specific about the Mokka that interests you? Or would you be open to considering other cars in the fleet? Remember with Onto you can swap cars whenever you like so even if it isn’t your first choice of vehicle you get to try it out and see if it is any good for you without any lengthy commitment. We’re all happy to give some recommendations for your needs, if you want any help deciding!

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Thank you for the reply. I love the shape and drive of the new Mokka. I’m looking at the Zoe Gt 50 and 208 cars.

Do either of these have apple play

Yes both of those vehicles have Apple carplay integration.

As above, they both support this.

What sort of usage will the car see in the average week? Do you have the ability to charge at home or will you be relying on public charging - And if so where in the UK are you?

Your answers will dictate which one I recommend. Zoe can go further between charges and charges faster on AC. But the e-208 charges faster on DC, and most people prefer the design and styling.

I will be looking at 220 miles a week with no home charging at the moment. I have charge points at work.

I’m in Corby Northamptonshire and work in Peterborough.

Charging regularly at work will probably cover you. There are two BP Pulse Ultrachargers in Corby (Although according to Zap-Map chat one of them seems not to run at full power). Also you have Ionity at Peterborough Services which is probably on or near your route. They are 350kW chargers, so the e-208 will charge faster than Zoe on these. You’ll get free charging with these networks included in your subscription.

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Both cars seem absolutely fine for you then. There are a small few high powered chargers in your area so if you think they will be getting used quite a lot then the e-208 may still have an advantage but if you’re going to do most of your charging while working I can’t see that being a regular thing.

In which case it’s down to your preferences and pricing above all else now. The only thing I will say is that if you were originally after a Mokka the Zoe may interest you with it’s higher driving position that you’d get in a car like that. The e-208 is going to be lower to the ground.

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@aotc82 The e-208 has the same battery and drivetrain as the Mokka-e so if you chose that you would see if that size battery and faster charging speeds would suit you before potentially getting the Vauxhall on long term lease if ONTO don’t get it.

Compared to Zoe, the e-208 does have a low driving position, so @Koda makes a valid point above. Apart from the swap fee, ONTO is a great and cost effective way of trying different EVs to find out what is most important for you and your circumstances. Especially if you were going to commit to one in particular over a longer term.

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Thank you for your help. I’m going to go down to the dealerships and have a look at both.

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