Vauxhall Mokka-e Safety Recall - BEV Cell Voltage

I received an email about a safety recall for my Mokka-e.

The description says that the high voltage battery system may face an error in the specific software calibration of the traction battery control unit. As a consequence a false detection of the cell voltage and/or the battery temperature could occur. In a worst-case scenario this can lead to reduced propulsion during driving.

The day after I received this email I got the problem as per attached picture.

I booked an appointment with the Stellantis dealer in Brentford and when I went there this morning they kept me waiting for 1h and 30 minutes and then they told me that they were experiencing some “server issues” and they couldn’t fix the problem and they don’t know when they will be able to update the software of my car to fix the safety recall issue.

Very unhappy with the quality of Vauxhall software and infotainment compared to other brands.

Any other dealers nearby you could try and get it resolved with?

Server issues are likely to be HQ, so suspect all dealers would be having the same issue today.
Maybe just call them (Brentford dealer) every day and badger them till they fix it for you.

I asked the same question and the technician said that it was some sort of serve issues they were having in the Brentford local branch and they opened a ticket to solve the problem.

I can try to book at another dealers but it’s such a pain to book a service with Stellantis dealers as available slots are hard to find.

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That’s a total pain for sure.
Trust you get it sorted soon.
Keep us updated and flagging @Amy_at_Onto to get this issue flagged internally with the right Onto team members.

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Maybe worth contacting Vauxhall Customer Services.

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@Amy_at_Onto , my safety recall appoint was cancelled again by the Kingston branch this time.
They still claim they are having computer/network issues?

I got a safety recall email and I’m desperately trying to book an appointment for more than a month now to a Vauxhall garage but they have cancelled my appointments twice nice.

Can you please help me to sort this out?
Just booking an appointment seems to be pointless as they cl you one day before and just cancel the appointment.


@SergioT I sorry to hear about the issue you have had. I had looked into this and have sent a message to you.

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Hi Ami,

I replied to your message.

Unfortunately the first available slot to a (third) garage appointment was beginning of May which is way too late as I don’t feel comfortable to drive a car with a safety issue.

I’d like to get a replacement car which doesn’t have any safety issue.

I look forward to be contacted by Onto to find alternatives.

Kind regards

You’ll need to flag @Amy_at_Onto or call CS to progress that.

I think if you want to change away from a Mokka, you will have to pay for it, I would hope they do the swap for free…

But as @burnt_crisps2 says it maybe better to call in.

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This happened to me rac reset the computer and it went a charger caused it to happen to me twice

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Thanks @bradleyb , same for me, I had to call RAC and wait about 5 hours to get the issue fixed and being able to use my car again.

Did you receive a recall email? I’ve agreed to swap my current Mokka with another Mokka which I was told is not affected by this recall issue.


My car is booked in for another warranty issue for Monday and I contacted Vauxhall Chingford and they added this issue to the job. I only had it with the ESB charger no other charger caused it. I never received any email from onto tho sorted it my self.

I booked my car in to Vauxhall Chingford for another problem and recall I contacted them after I found out about that was a recall and they added it to my job I never received no email from onto sorted my self

And it only happened to me at the old esb 50kw chargers

Thanks Bradley,

Did you check on the DVLA website if your car has/had an outstanding recall?

@Amy_at_Onto ,

Unfortunately this recall issue is becoming a nightmare.

After I booked a car swap to get a new Mokka-e without the safety recall issue, yesterday I got an email from On.To with the registration number of the car I was getting different from what I was originally told.

This would have been fine if the new vehicle didn’t have the same recall issue but unfortunately it did. :expressionless:

This morning I was expecting the new car to arrive but I was called by driveline that the car I was expecting to get had some “electric faults” so another car was booked last minute.
I checked the registration number of the new car and it also has the same safety recall issue therefore I told the driver not to deliver it.

It really doesn’t look right to give customers cars with an outstanding safety issue when cars are still with OnTo.

Can you please help to solve this issue which is still open since February?

Kind regards

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@SergioT I have responded to your message and can see that my colleague has also called you discuss this further and resolve the issue.

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