Vauxhall Mokka-e Elite Premium


Hoping someone can help!

I’m looking order the Mokka, looked at the Vauxhall website and seen that they do not have the “Elite Premium” trim on their site, they as only have the “GS Line & Ultimate” trims.

Am I missing something here or Vauxhall already stopped making the elite premium trim.

Reason I ask is because I’ve seen on here where someone pointed out the pictures/description of Hyundai IONIQ is wrong so just want to make sure the info/pics of the Mokka is correct before I place the order.


Vauxhall have maybe changed their trims for new orders. Onto already have their orders so will be correct.


This site has some specification details that might help.


many thanks

You’re right to ask!

Stelantis seem to be changing everything - guessing it’s availability issues in build

Don’t know if Citroën have told anyone but the local dealer has just told me the “Shine” ë-C4 is now, in fact the “C-series” maybe @Raheel_at_Onto could ask someone to have a look through and clarify what Onto are getting, as I believe Citroën ë-C4 and Vauxhall Mokka-e are all awaiting delivery in various batches of new vehicles atm… :man_shrugging:… course, it might be a bit like John Lewis when you get a gadget with a set of features unique to the batches order compared to what’s in the dealer showroom :thinking:


Thank you! Like you say, hopefully @Raheel_at_Onto can shed some light on this because when I rang the CS line, they were not able to answer.