Valeting the car

I’m just making sure I’m not missing anything but…

There’s no way to leave your car to be valeted without leaving your phone as the key???

All the ones here need to move the car from one part of the yard to the other.

Can they not give an appointment to do it while you wait? If they leave the car switched on this won’t be an issue.

Alternatively you could always do it yourself? Even if you are about to return the car they will accept one that you cleaned yourself. It doesn’t have to be professionally done, just cleaned to a high standard.

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Embarrassingly I never thought of leaving it switched on ha ha ha ha ha.

What a boob!

Would it be allowed though? Nobody else is allowed to drive the ONTO vehicles

I would assume so, as long as the company is insured against anything that happens on site.

You have to do the exact same thing when you get your ONTO Vehicle serviced. Unlock for them while they drive it into the workshop.

I’m sure its not, it’s the same situation as Airport meet and greet parking.

It’s not important to me as it’s never been something I needed to do so I can safely say I am in the clear either way. But I would hope that ONTO would apply common sense and allow some flexibility on the rules, even if it technically isn’t allowed then.

A Rule about not tampering with the dash cams came up last year, but it was revealed that they were banned in drive-thru COVID Test sites. They agreed that it would be acceptable to cover it with something or otherwise obstruct it’s view. I seem to remember them saying the same where another contributor discovered that such cameras were illegal in some other countries where you are allowed to take your ONTO Vehicle. So I would hope that a similar flexibility can be applied here.

If not, my earlier comment about having your car serviced is suddenly going to be a problem as I don’t imagine many garages are going to let me personally drive into the workshop, on and off the ramps etc.

I know that people asked about airport parking without the key before and were told they don’t allow it.

I don’t let my car out of my sight when it’s valeted and I check it’s been done and no damage after I had a, bad experience and learnt the hard way

One difference here is the Ioniq allows you to open the car door and step out with it staying switched on. The i3 I had previously always turns off as soon as you open the driver door. In this scenario it’s good to have a car that stays switched on for sure.