V5C for resident parking permit

Up until today I hadn’t dug into the detail of it – honestly it boggles the mind how what H&F have in place is ‘normal’ – it feels like something they rushed into place in response to the pandemic!

I submitted a hire agreement that had my name and the reg number on it. Not sure what was actually required. The process in Brighton seems both impenetrable and then remarkably flexible at the same time.

I suspect, like most bureaucracies, they just need a piece of paper with something plausible written on it. Anything

:smiley: Too true!

I actually have had an email and call now from someone at the council who sounds keen/happy that someone’s bringing an EV to the borough, in response to a question I’d asked about Ubitricity and parking rules at the weekend.

Apparently H&F have ~150 street level chargers delivered and ready to be installed in the next 2 months, and a further 300 I think he said that they’re hoping to install over the summer.

They said they’re installing a mix of Ubitricity and another network (but didn’t name the network); not that I’d expect any to be included in the Polar/Shell networks, in any case having more infrastructure to improve convenience, even if it’s not included in the base subscription is good in my book!

He also acknowledged that Source London was disliked due to cost of charging, and said they’re planning on making new chargers dedicated bays for EVs which are charging, rather than the current free for all on spaces which is nice.

They could be Charg.y, in which case they would/should be covered.

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I think Source are disliked for their complexity as much as anything else.

Good to have a contact at your council who’s keen on EVs.