V5C for resident parking permit

Hi - new here - thanks in advance for any advice you can give! I’m also new to EVs but really like the sound of the Onto model. Hoping I can get my hands on a new Zoe before too long! :wave:

My question is about whether it’s possible to get registration documents in my name for an Onto vehicle? I ask because it’s a requirement of my city council to issue a residents parking permit.

I’m hoping I’m not the first person to be affected by this! It will be a dealbreaker unfortunately if not :confused:

@E7EV will have an answer for this one.

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Hi @sdmr, absolutely. Please get in touch with our customer service team on 0800 030 6840 or [email protected] when you get your car or a few days before, and they will provide you with everything you need for your parking permit :slight_smile:


Oh great. Thanks very much @Lily_at_Onto.

I’ll be waiting for my call from Zoe

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Most councils allow other documents in the case of a company car or leased vehicle which stays in the name of the lease company. Check the Council website to see their requirements when you are not the registered keeper.

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Brighton and Hove application form allows for lease/hire agreement to be used as proof of “ownership”. Your second months agreement will show the registration number.


I was just about to ask about Brighton. And you’ve answered my question for me!

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I can confirm that Brighton and Hove council issued me a resident parking permit based on the onto hire agreement plus the v5c-equivalent document from onto.

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great news, we do assist lots of customers with parking permits, but every council is different and have different offers, @Kev highlighted Sheffield as giving a free parking permit for city centre car parks for examples, so it is always good to look further at the benefits councils offer to EV drivers

Nice opportunity here for someone — perhaps Onto — to create a website / app that collates and presents all EV related benefits and perks, including discounted / free parking offers around the country. Could be searchable via postcode.

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@BillN its an ever changing landscape and more so as we pick up speed on EV rollout. We would be forever out of date, maybe a good project for a real EV enthusiast to make themselves a nice website and potential business :wink:

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Yes Carol — quite right, would be quite time consuming I expect to regularly keep it updated. Maybe however worthy of a blog post or similar to flag it to current and potential customers — perhaps along with a few good examples (eg Sheffield).

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Does anyone have any experience with LBHF - Hammersmith & Fulham’s resident parking permits and how they work?

Our car is coming on Friday, so I called up and it was mentioned that I can’t get the reg or the document mentioned above until the day of the agreement (which made sense, and seemed fair, in case of last minute swaps) – I’ve just stumbled on this page from the council website which says it can take up to 20 working days to process a permit!

Do councils give you a grace period once you’ve applied for a permit or will I end up having to pay for parking every day until the permit comes through do you think? Visitor permits are £1.80/hr with parking chargeable 9am-5pm on weekdays where I live (which is the least restrictive in the borough I think).

It seems a bit mad if everyone who buys or leases a car would have to pay for potentially a few weeks of parking as presumably no-one knows their reg or has all the docs they need until they actually have a car? :thinking:

Sorry for the basic questions- have never done more than rent a car in London so haven’t properly dug into how parking works until recently!

It looks like I might be able to apply for a temporary permit (https://www.lbhf.gov.uk/parking/parking-permits/residents-permits#temporary),

It’s still a bit confusing as to how the information they require is any different to a full blown permit and if it still needs to go through a verification step. I’ll see if I can call them and get to the bottom of it- it’s certainly not clear to me from their website!

So I ended up calling the council to see what they said on this, it’s all a bit manual and archaic, but I need to fill out their form when I’ve got the docs from Onto, email them to them (along with proof of residency etc) and then call them back and ask them to process it on the spot.

Will see how they go- hopefully I’m not the first Onto customer in the borough and what I get sent on the day of delivery is sufficient.

Just a thought, but it could be worth looking on JustPark and YourParkingSpace to see if there are people with parking spaces nearby renting them out - could be preferable to paying for on street parking if the permit doesn’t come soon enough.

Yep indeed I’ve had a look at that, if it came to it could be do-able for around £50/60 for a week’s worth (v. £72 to pay for street parking for a week).

I’ll try firstly to get the council to process asap/on the spot and see how it goes from there - it does seem to be a bit of a mess for anyone getting a new permit from scratch!

I’m guessing the letter that Onto give provides info as to the emissions (or lack thereof) of the vehicle? I ask as pure EVs enjoy free parking permits in H&F.

This is the document I got from Onto and which Brighton council accepted instead of a V5C.

Interesting. Did they supply anything for you which linked the vehicle registration to your name? Or do you get a new hire agreement with that detail once the vehicle hire period starts?

I’m also guessing the vehicle tax class of “Electric” is only for fully electric cars, and would act as proof of that (I ask as H&F give free permits for fully electric vehicles)

Oh my goodness, Newham has a better Resident Parking Permit application procedure than another LB! Can’t believe it :wink:

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