Updates to our Tesla Subscription



M3 SR+

Or M3 via SC only


True but I don’t have much confidence in the BP polar networks. Also we will have a very restless child with us and I have faith in the Tesla chargers and that there will be ones ready available


Don’t get me wrong, I’d much rather do a journey like that in the Tesla, as you obviously have more charging options in total, plus many more units at SC locations - but I don’t think it would usually be much more difficult in an ID.3.

Plus, in another 6 months the gap will likely have shrunk further with more 100+kW options popping up.

The caveat to that is we don’t really know how busy SC locations will be vs other charging locations and whether the higher risk of having to queue for non-Tesla chargers would actually result in any significant delays.

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Yeah that’s my worry just in my car the amount of times i have to add on 30/40 minutes to my journey waiting for someone to finish on the charger.
Also being able to put Netflix on the screen for all to watch is a big bonus haha

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Tbh, I’d say the greater risk to a trip like that around Christmas time is possibly more new variants of Covid and not being allowed to go at all :disappointed:


Is the insurance age going to be dropped to 25 and over or stay at 30 and over?

Model 3 LR since August 2019. The lowest monthly mileage so far was 68 (in April 2020). :smile: Lots of months around 100-200 miles only, recently too. We kept the subscription active despite the car was just sleeping in the garage mostly. Now about 6000 miles behind cumulative allowance, but as the mileage credit expires by a not very detailed method they use, the account shows just 3352 credit with 329 expiring this month.

Actual Terms & Conditions:

4. Mileage included in the subscription fee is 1,000 miles per month. Additional mileage can be purchased in advance through mileage packages or charges will apply for excess mileage on a monthly basis. Mileage packages can not be purchased retrospectively and only one package can be purchased per month. Mileage will be measured on a monthly basis and will not roll over from month to month. The current prices for optional mileage packages and excess charges are: (and there is nothing at all, not even a link)
5. It is strictly outside the terms of this agreement for a driver to exceed 1,250 miles per month unless customers have purchased additional mileage packages.
6. Onto reserves the right to terminate this Agreement and recover the vehicle should Onto record or anticipate, at their sole discretion, usage in exceeding 1750 miles per month including additional mileage packages.

Not really tempting for new customers, and makes anybody worried about what will happen actually when something is so unclear for the long-term users. If they give me the advice to keep their emails at hand to have proof of what they agreed to, that’s heavy. :smile:

Going up in price £500 a month is not something you can easily swallow (for legacy SR+ it’s almost double the price, but for LR is more than 60% raise).

To be honest, I can totally understand that they have to do something with the profitability of the Tesla fleet they have, and I almost got a heart attack just looking at the new pricing email briefly. The 5 months I consider a generous offer, and they are a business and not a charity, so that will end the bargain of the century. :frowning: Lot’s of test driving next to check what others are showing compared to Tesla.

I hope there will be a suitable replacement for us in the fleet arriving in the coming months, or we need to find something else. The business model is very promising, but I think the Tesla fleet is an exception in regard to how long subscribers keep the cars, for obvious reasons.
The change in the circumstances for Tesla is very long term if ever, they can sell everything they produce and it will be years still for the competitors to get close.


I doubt you’ll be charged the higher price for the current vehicles. They’ll probably swap them for new ones.


Hi all! With another Hi going specifically to @Kev @jbmodel3 @tomford @alexmorris @Tomahawx and everyone else who is either a current Tesla subscriber or is wondering what’s going to happen next with this price adjustment.

We are aware that the change in price isn’t exactly what you’d expect to pay for the current Tesla models we have available. So I just wanted to let you know that our goal for the people paying these prices for the current Tesla’s is to swap them into brand-new cars by the end of the year.

That’s all I can say on the matter for now, but we’ll update you further when we have more information!


Maybe they’ll be brand new Plaid Model Ss… :wink:

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It probably would’ve been worth putting that little detail in the top post, but either way, £500 a month / £6000 per year is unaffordable to me and I will certainly have to return it at the increase deadline.

It’s a great car, and it’s hard to justify a Kona Ultimate for the same price as the M3 SR+, but along with everyone else, I’ll have to look at my options and make a choice based on availability in November.

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Hi @Lily_at_Onto,

Could you please help, the five months starting yesterday or from the beginning of the next 1 month period for each subscriber? So if the actual date is the 22nd every month for a new period to start, when will it end? Or you can end the actual subscription on the 31st of October 2021, which is a Sunday? Thank you!

Yes it’s tough to swallow the Kona at the same price (although list price for the two vehicles is very similar) but the best way to look at it is to compare the new price to what’s available elsewhere and with Onto in November, rather than compare to the deal you DID have before.

Pricing for M3 SR+ on subscription with Cazoo…

Min 6 months, plus 2 months deposit, £500 for early cancellation, min. age 25, no charging included.

Includes tax though :wink:

min age 25 :slight_smile:
ill have one

You just put it over 24mths and if you want to cancel early pay the £500 quid but you get the deposit back

Sounds like Onto May as well just scrap the Tesla’s in general. No-ones impressed. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: at this rate no-one wants to be a subscriber. From waitlist full to no subscriber.
Honestly, I’d agree with most people I’ve got a Tesla M3 performance on my own lease deal paying £15k down and £875 a month. Honestly, that’s the top end I’d go to for this car with onto…. It’s really really not the best car in the world, there are many issues and even with a top spec one I can’t help but think £60k would have got me a superior electric car with no build issues or odd problems. Thinking about it, Onto are clearly offsetting all those issues with their sustainability as a business. My main issues with my own m3p are carbon fibre wing keeps breaking at the corners and wet dripping into the indicators from the stupid boot design. I’m actually very close to replacing it with a Model S or X…. I honestly don’t know what the hype is about the model 3. By far the worst Tesla in the lineup. I’ll actually go out on a limb and say I enjoy driving the ONTO Zoe I have more than the model 3, yeah the Zoe has some little niggles but I worry less when I drive that than the Tesla. I often think what’s going to go wrong next……


Thanks for your thoughts. It’s good that you are being honest about a car you have paid (and are still paying) a lot of money for! What an advert for the Zoe too!


@Tomahawx the little thing isn’t as quick as the M3P. But the Zoe takes everything in its stride, impressive battery and honestly everyone who’s been in it, has wanted one. The Zoe gets the job done and that’s all you can ask of a EV or a car. No BS, (most of the time LOL) just a solid little runabout which deserves more credit than it’s given. Simple. Excellent work Renault. Just waiting for the Zoe RS now :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: